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Pumps, Pumping and Storing Breastmilk - Champaign/Urbana

Date and Time:
July 22, 2021
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Video link available - email


About this event

If you want to learn to express and store your breastmilk this course is for you. This class is beneficial for those at risk for pre-term delivery, planning travel, going back to work, or even for the occasional mother/baby separation. You’ll learn about pump parts, maximizing milk expression, introducing the bottle, caregiver tips, managing our many roles as women, when and how to start building up a freezer stockpile of milk, and safe handling storage and warning guidelines for breastmilk.

Due to potential COVID-19 gathering restrictions and social distancing guidelines, classes may be offered through alternative formats. The All About Baby voicemail will be updated each day to verify class details.

For a video presentation:

Call (217) 383-6962 or email

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Event Registration

No registration needed for this event.