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Champaign-Urbana - Carle Foundation Hospital

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Greatest Need 

When an unrestricted donation is made to Carle, we make sure those dollars make a meaningful impact on the health of those we serve. Unrestricted gifts make it possible to provide assistance wherever the need is greatest at Carle.

Women’s Legacy Circle

Women’s Legacy Circle is a grassroots giving circle hosted by Carle Health Center for Philanthropy. The premise is simple: Members commit to an annual donation and then – through a member-directed grant review and voting process – together decide which healthcare-related projects to fund at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana. Membership in the Women’s Legacy Circle is currently limited to our Champaign-Urbana location.

Carle Cancer Institute, Home of Mills Breast Cancer Institute

Gifts support patient care, medical education and research helping more cancer patients become cancer survivors.

Greenberg Digestive Health Institute

Gifts allows us to expand the scope of services and research offered and further our dedication to helping those who suffer from digestive issues.

Carle Heart and Vascular Institute

Gifts help us create a complete system of care designed to meet the growing needs of heart patients throughout our region.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Donations support this new college, which is designed to create physician scientists, medical innovators and physician engineers with the vision and skill set required to take medicine in a bold new direction.

Carle Rural Alliance for Exceptional Care

Gifts support programs to manage the health of the people living in our rural regions. Gifts also fund research on the impact of environmental and societal factors on the health of our rural population.

Carle Neuroscience Institute

Donations help us put the right resources in place to meet the growing need and transform our existing neuroscience programs into a world-class neuroscience institute.

Healthy Beginnings

Gifts help us adapt to real-world situations and pioneer new solutions that may one day break the cycle of poverty for the underserved in our community.


Donations help us provide the resources needed to recruit, train and retain exceptional nurses and equip them to achieve their educational and patient care goals.

Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute

Gifts enable new discoveries with real-world applications and allow us to develop best practices that create a higher quality of healthcare.

Carle Auxiliary Guest House

Donations are the sole source of funding for the Carle Auxiliary Guest House giving family members of our most critical patients overnight accommodations at no cost and just steps from the hospital.