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Coming to Carle – in person or online

Coming to Carle – in person or online


Next week, Carle will begin treating patients whose surgeries and procedures were delayed because of COVID-19. At Carle, your health and safety are our top priorities and we want to be sure you’re being cared for in the safest environment possible. In this article we’re providing guidance for everyone who needs care.

Surgery and procedures begin May 11.

Following state guidelines, Carle will resume performing elective surgeries and procedures beginning Monday, May 11. We have many patients to treat and we’re prioritizing the most urgent first. If you’ve had a surgery or procedure scheduled, you’ll receive instructions from your provider.

Get a drive-through blood draw.

Adults whose Carle provider has filed an order to have blood drawn can now drive through to have that done at Carle Urbana on Windsor starting Thursday, May 7. This doesn’t include finger sticks.

Providing added convenience and safety, this option is available weekdays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., weather permitting. Follow the signs around the far side of the parking lot to the east overhang. If you have questions, please contact your provider.

Lab needs beyond blood draw should proceed to traditional locations which are open and available.

Schedule a virtual visit by phone or online.

If you have a non-urgent need to visit with your provider, you can do that by phone or online. When you contact your provider, they’ll decide which method would be best and will schedule a phone or online appointment.

Online, providers are using Zoom, an app for your mobile device or computer. Here’s how to use it.

  1. On your mobile device, download the free Zoom app from Google Play or the App Store. On your computer, visit and sign up for a free account. Then you can download the Zoom app to your computer.
  2. When your virtual visit’s scheduled, you’ll receive a Zoom invitation from your provider via email.
  3. On the day/time of your visit, click on the meeting link in your email.
If your provider invites you to an immediate meeting:
  1. Ask for the meeting number.
  2. Select the “join meeting” icon in your Zoom app – either on your phone or computer.

Zoom is designed to provide maximum privacy and doesn’t sell your data or monitor meetings, complying with all necessary laws, rules and regulations. Carle doesn’t record Zoom sessions and strongly recommends using the downloaded app when joining your virtual visit. If you have any issues, contact your provider and they’ll reach out to the Carle IT team.

Get the urgent care you need now.

Carle has even more protections in place so please don’t wait to get urgent care.

  • If you’re experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, or a serious injury like a severe burn or potential broken bone, call 911 or come to a Carle Emergency Department.
  • If you have urgent non-respiratory symptoms, like a twisted ankle, stomach pain or a minor cut that might need stitches, please go to a Convenient Care location.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, use our online symptom-checker or call our COVID-19 Hotline at (217) 902-6100 to determine if and where you need to be seen.

Thank you.

Since the spread of COVID-19 started to affect our communities, we’ve seen an extraordinary response. Thank you to all who showed extraordinary support to all of us here at Carle.

Nurses Week is May 6-12 and normally, we’d have many celebrations scheduled. This year is a little different and we’re honoring our colleagues in new ways. If you have a nurse in your family or plan to see one soon, be sure to thank these very special people.

As always, it’s our privilege to care for you and we encourage you to take steps to manage your health, especially during this time.

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