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Carle Medical Supply a handy tool for one patient’s health needs

Carle Medical Supply a handy tool for one patient’s health needs
Jody Eversole wasn’t sure what his journey would be like after contracting COVID-19, but he certainly knew it would be a challenge.

When he found himself needing inpatient care to help him battle the virus, he learned that there would be a lot of steps to take to regain his health and get him breathing better.

“When I went through COVID-19, Dr. Lan Nguyen strongly recommended that I get my lungs back in shape and referred me to respiratory therapy, and I gave it a shot,” Eversole said. “My oxygen in the hospital was so low, and I wondered if I would ever get back to normal again. Would my lungs ever recuperate?”
For cases like Jody’s, experts typically recommend a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help patients breathe better when sleeping. To obtain a CPAP machine, Jody visited a respiratory therapist at Carle Medical Supply to learn more about using the machine, how it will help him breathe better, and ask questions he had regarding treatment.

“I had no clue what that was,” Eversole said. “But the staff made things so easy. They broke down what a CPAP was and made me feel like family. All my nervousness went away. They treated me individually and never cared to look at the clock.”

For the Respiratory Therapy staff at Carle Medical Supply, taking care of patients as if they are their own family is just part of the work they do. They want to make everyone feel calm, informed and confident in their care and equipment.

“We want to make things as simple for patients who are already battling so many health challenges,” Sophia Messenger, respiratory care practice supervisor, Carle Medical Supply said. “We want to be a one-stop-shop for patients to get consults, information and equipment all in one convenient location.”
Good news comes for patients in Bloomington-Normal, as Carle Medical Supply opens its first stand-alone Respiratory Therapy Services location on Eastland Drive in Bloomington. This location offers breathing treatments and supplies, custom CPAP equipment fittings, as well as in-person and virtual consultation services. No referral is needed for a consultation with a Carle Medical Supply Respiratory Therapist.  The new location at 1404 Eastland Dr., Suite 104, Bloomington, IL 61704 is now open.

“Patients will love our convenient CPAP resupply program with ResMed,” Messenger said. “This allows the RT to reach out to patients monthly and offer patients new supplies. Our RT then orders the supplies and drop-ships them to the patient’s home address, typically within 5 days.”

For Eversole, the convenience and quality of care by using Carle Medical Supply was something he feels is worth bragging about.

“We are very fortunate to have Carle,” he said. “I give the team a pat on the back for bringing world-class care to our communities. People don’t realize how lucky we are to have these facilities right here.”
He also credits his care team in Sleep Medicine, including Dr. Julie Vann, for his ability to recover and get back to his normal lifestyle.

Patients in McLean County can access clinical respiratory support 24 hours a day by calling the new Bloomington location at (309) 604-9690. Respiratory Therapy Services are available at Carle locations throughout our service areas.

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Carle Medical Supply a handy tool for one patient’s health needs

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