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Interested in an Internship with Our Team?

Contact the Wellness Center during our open hours to inquire about internship applications and the selection process.


The Wellness Center has many membership options to choose from.

6- or 12-month memberships

Membership includes use of the cardiovascular equipment, Cybex resistive equipment, free weights, group fitness classes, the lap pool, and the warm water therapy pool.

Membership rates for 6- and 12-month memberships are as follows:

Carle Health Employee (Single)

  • 6-month single: $180 ($30/month)
  • 12-month single: $330 ($27.50/month)

CarleHealth Employee (Joint - 2 people)

  • 6-month joint: $240 ($40/month)
  • 12-month joint: $441 ($36.75/month)

Community (Single)

  • 6-month single: $240 ($40/month)
  • 12-month single: $441 ($36.75/month)

Community (Joint - 2 people)

  • 6-month joint: $330 ($55/month)
  • 12-month joint: $606 ($50.50/month)

50+ (Single)

  • 6-month single: $180 ($30/month)
  • 12-month single: $330 ($27.50/month)

50+ (Joint - 2 people)

  • 6-month joint: $247.50 ($41.25/month)
  • 12-month joint: $454.50 ($37.88/month)

Pool Only

  • 3-month single: $100

50+ Pool Only:

  • 3 month single: $75

Payment Options

Payroll deduction is available for Carle Health employees.

Pool Membership

$100 for 3 months (50+ members receive a 25% discount)
Includes use of the lap pool, use of the therapy pool during open swim time and any water fitness class. Payment in full is required.
A $10 processing fee will be assessed for all new members.

Guest Pass

$5 per day

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.