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Clinical Trials Details

Counseling and Programming Preferences for a Combined Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors

Location: Carle Cancer Center - Urbana
Body site or condition: Cancer Control
Department: Cancer Research

16CCC1259 - 16082 - Link Not Available

This will be a cross-sectional survey study of MBCI breast cancer survivors. Recruitment and survey administration will occur during survivor’s routine MBCI appointments. The survey will include questions pertaining to history of participation in diet and exercise programming; interest in, preferences for and barriers to participating in such programming; demographic, clinical and lifestyle factors; and social cognitive constructs. Results will inform the development of programs that are tailored specifically to the Carle breast cancer survivor population with potential for immediate integration into the current survivorship care at MBCI and satellite clinics. A strong, multidisciplinary team of experts from Carle and UIUC whose collaboration and expertise in nutrition and exercise sciences, medical and surgical oncology and behavior change interventions are crucial to the success of this research and in creating the capacity for new initiatives.

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