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Volunteering at Carle Health Methodist Hospital

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Many are retirees with energy to give and skills acquired over a lifetime. Some are past patients giving back because of the great care they received. Our biggest need is for volunteers Monday through Friday during the day, when the hospital is busiest. While we’d prefer volunteers serve once a week for four hours, we’ll work with you as much as possible to schedule your volunteer time to the hours you prefer.



Our volunteers warm hearts and provide helping hands in areas throughout Carle Health Methodist Hospital. They spend time escorting patients, assisting families in waiting areas and helping in the gift shop. Consider joining the Carle Health Methodist Service League. We want to make this a positive experience for anyone 18 and older.

Teens (Summer Only)

If you’re a student age 14 to 18, join our teen volunteer program. You can explore a potential future healthcare career and gain valuable hospital experience.


Hospice volunteers receive training that provides in-depth education about the end-of-life process, care and comfort measures, and the goals of hospice. Hospice volunteers provide different types of support, based on their interests, talents and abilities. Some volunteers work directly with patient care, providing much-needed respite breaks to family members, running errands, and lending emotional support and companionship. Other volunteers are called to the mission of hospice by assisting with fundraising efforts, special projects and clerical work that supports clinical services and patient care.

Current Volunteers

Carle volunteers have access to the volunteer information center. Here, current volunteers can review their profiles, schedule shifts and review open shifts within their specified assignment. Be sure to use the email you have registered with Volunteer Services.