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Research Institute

Carle’s research enterprise, the Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute, provides a full range of staff-supported services to our investigators, creating an extraordinary environment for research and advancing healthcare. Our research services clear the pathway for investigators, allowing them to focus on critical research and bring the latest healthcare discoveries to our community.

We invite you to learn more about Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute in the following guide: Inspired Minds, Inspiring Research. Here, you’ll find examples of the many ways our clinicians turn questions into answers and research into results.


Research Happenings

See how physician-researchers at Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute advance the science of medicine and improve patient care.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials lead to medical breakthroughs in disease prevention, detection and treatment. Use the Clinical Trial Search to find some of the latest research happening at Carle.

Clinical Trial Internal Portal


Carle is dedicated to research integrity and assisting our investigators in research compliance. To support the functions of the Carle Institutional Review Board (IRB), we offer specialists to help navigate HIPAA compliance, patient privacy and confidentiality, clinical billing and coverage analysis. 

Research Support

Our investigators turn questions into answers and research into results – and we are right beside them. Learn more about the resources and services available to Carle investigators.

Research Investigators

Under the guidance of our investigators, researchers help turn potential ideas into powerful innovations that place our patients at the forefront of care. Meet our diverse team of investigators who support the development of new methods of preventing, detecting and treating disease.

Specimen Procurement Service

The Specimen Procurement Service Center offers end-to-end services spanning specimen procurement, processing, preservation and distribution of biospecimens collected for research.

Research Intern Opportunities

Internship opportunities helps inspire the next generation of researchers. Learn more about internship opportunities at Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute.

Join Our Team

Providing world-class care to our patients is our number one focus at Carle. To accomplish this, we recruit the best scientists, researchers and support staff. Find non-provider job opportunities at Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute.

Collaborative Research

Through high-value partnerships with some of the world’s top universities and research centers, we're able to advance research and innovation within our health system. Through Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute, Carle medical professionals partner with researchers to pursue breakthrough discoveries to improve patient care.