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Focused on People, Building Trust

Carle Health is committed to being an inclusive space for our team members, patients, health plan members and communities. Building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment lays the foundation for trusted partnerships and the delivery of high-quality care for everyone we serve. We know receiving the best care and service in the most culturally responsive way is vital to improving the health of our communities.


Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

  • Making Carle a space where diversity is represented, processes are inclusive and decisions are made with equity in mind.
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming health care space where all people can work, seek care and receive service with dignity and respect. We know diversity exists in many forms and are committed to building a supportive and compassionate healthcare space for each team member, patient, health plan member and all the communities we serve.
  • Doing our part to help combat racism and all forms of bias and discrimination that exist within healthcare.
  • Continuing to build organizational practices that support recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce, establishment of diversity in leadership roles, mentorship and career growth opportunities for team members, educational initiatives and community-focused care.
  • Acknowledging the root causes of health disparities for patients and health plan members and actively pursuing equity in health, care and service.
  • Delivering culturally competent care and service to patients and health plan members and working to improve affordability and access to care.
  • Recognizing the unique set of identities and experiences every team member has – and using this to make Carle a more inclusive place where we link our organization’s mission, vision and values to people’s everyday lives.

medical staff

What does DEI look like at Carle Health?

  • Monthly DEI newsletter and DEI Matters video
  • Carle Health Multicultural Celebratory Calendar
  • Twice-monthly DEI Multicultural Forums
  • Carle Inclusion Connection groups
  • Annual required diversity, equity and inclusion education for all team members
  • Ongoing training and learning at the individual, team and organizational level
  • Monthly Inclusive Leadership education for leaders
  • DEI Department Career Advising
  • Internal leadership development and external leadership recruitment
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee
  • Health Equity Clinical Guidance Committee
  • And much more


Creating Inclusion through Understanding

Our DEI journey is defined by a learning and growth mindset, so team members have ongoing and consistent training and education opportunities. From learning to challenge unconscious bias, to highlighting diverse cultural histories, heritages, celebrations and observances, to leadership development sessions driven by our value of inclusion, every Carle Health team member plays a role in learning more about building trusting healthcare partnerships in an inclusive healthcare space. 

Providing Gender Inclusive Care

Carle Health is establishing gender-inclusive policies, practices and education to serve patients of all gender identities. This includes updates to our electronic medical record system to better capture patient data, Health Alliance policy review, and enterprise-wide team member education on creating a gender-inclusive healthcare environment.

Transgender Care Directory

Directorio de atención de personas transgénero

Carle Inclusion Connection Groups (CIC)

CIC groups offer a dedicated space of support for team members with similar backgrounds, interests and experiences, and their allies, while promoting networking and professional growth. Participation is open to all Carle Health team members in any location in the system.

Word from DEI Director

“The DEI team is here to connect team members with opportunities and resources, to guide the sometimes uncomfortable conversations that bring learning and growth, and to make sure all voices are heard and valued in our organization. This work belongs to all of us, though. Each team member at Carle Health has a role to play in our DEI journey. And everyone is accountable for the actions they take to make us the trusted healthcare partner our team members, patients and plan members deserve”

- DEI Director, Amy Delaney, PhD.

Carle Health Board of Trustees Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The Carle Health Board of Trustees is firmly committed to providing mission-driven and strategic guidance that will continue to build a richly diverse, equitable and inclusive organization serving the needs of our patients, families, team members and the community at-large. Our values and behaviors directly support our mission to be your trusted partner in all healthcare decisions.

Carle Health has an engaged and committed leadership team that has made DEI a strong focus across the organization. Team members understand the important role they play in advancing the health needs of all community members.

We are dedicated to deploying long term strategies that prioritize solutions to reduce bias and decrease health disparities in the communities we serve. We empower our leaders to expand and strengthen our organization where all people are welcome and respected. Our goal is to foster a culture that dispels bias and discrimination and seeks to recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. We recognize and embrace our ability to positively impact the healthcare disparities that exist in our communities today through our mission, vision and values in ways that respect and understand the unique needs of all those we serve.

Together we will make Carle Health a stronger community partner, a better place to receive care in a manner that respects diversity and inclusivity with the full intent of achieving better health outcomes for all.

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Community Impact

Benefiting the community is central to everything we do at Carle, and our role within the community extends far beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics. Carle provides assistance, programs and resources when and where our communities need them.

Community Health Initiatives

We work closely with community cross-sector partners and community members to ensure children and their families, regardless of life circumstances, have an opportunity to live the healthiest life they can.

Patient Stories