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Carle is here to provide your flu vaccine

Carle recommends flu shots for all our patients and community members, no matter where you recieve it. Flu shots will be available to anyone 6 months and older at our Carle community clinicis. Shots are also typically available at all local pharmacies, and public health departments.  Nasal Flu Mist will not be available at any Carle location. High dose will be available for patients 65 and older, or as prescribed by your provider.  *Flu shots cannot be given at Curtis, Windsor or Mahomet convenient care. Patients can visit the Mahomet or Curtis Walgreen's locations to recieve the shot, or recieve it during a visit with their provider. 

Vaccine will also be available at the Carle Mobile Health Clinic during hours of opertaion. Visit the Mobile Health Clinic page to see a schedule of when the Mobile Health Clinic is coming to a location near you.

Where should I go if I suspect I have the flu or COVID-19?

Always call your primary care provider whenever you need care. If you do not have a PCP, or are unable to get in to see them, Carle has a number of convenient care locations that are ready and able to see you. 

How do the symptoms of the flu differ from COVID-19 and other common seasonal illnesses?

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