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Leadership Team

Carle Health Executive Leadership Team

Photograph of  James C. Leonard, MD
James C. Leonard, MD

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The Carle Foundation

Photograph of Charles Dennis, MD
Charles Dennis, MD

Executive Vice President, System Chief Medical Officer

Photograph of Dennis P. Hesch
Dennis P. Hesch

Executive Vice President and System Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, Carle health system and President and Chief Executive Officer, Health Alliance

Photograph of Laurence J. Fallon
Laurence J. Fallon

Executive Vice President, System Chief Legal Officer

Photograph of Matthew Kolb
Matthew Kolb

Executive Vice President and System Chief Operating Officer

Photograph of Lauren Schmid
Lauren Schmid

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Office

Photograph of Elizabeth Angelo
Elizabeth Angelo

Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Photograph of Lynne C. Barnes
Lynne C. Barnes

Chief Operating Officer, Carle Foundation Hospital and Senior Vice President, Facilities

Photograph of Pamela Bigler
Pamela Bigler

Senior Vice President, Clinic Partnerships and Programs

Photograph of Timothy Meneely, DO
Timothy Meneely, DO

Senior Vice President, Population Health

Photograph of Caleb Miller
Caleb Miller

Senior Vice President of Surgical Services, Specialty Institutes, Primary Care, Medical Specialties and Behavioral Health

Photograph of April Vogelsang
April Vogelsang

System Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Photograph of Dawn B. Walden
Dawn B. Walden

Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer

Photograph of Kayla Banks
Kayla Banks

Vice President, Women’s Services, Pediatrics, Quality

Photograph of Harry Brockus
Harry Brockus

System Vice President of Regional Health and CEO, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital

Photograph of Mike Dollen
Mike Dollen

Vice President, Enterprise Communications and Health System Marketing

Photograph of Jennifer Eardley, PhD
Jennifer Eardley, PhD

Vice President, Research

Photograph of Patty Holaday
Patty Holaday

Vice President, System Provider Recruitment

Photograph of Scott Hendrie
Scott Hendrie

Vice President, Finance and Treasury

Photograph of Beth Katsinas
Beth Katsinas

Vice President, Center for Philanthropy

Photograph of Letha Kramer
Letha Kramer

Vice President, Chief Risk and Corporate Integrity Officer

Photograph of Kurt Leifheit
Kurt Leifheit

Vice President, Corporate Counsel, Graduate Medical Education

Photograph of King Li, MD
King Li, MD

Carle Illinois College of Medicine Dean and Carle Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Photograph of Rick Reifsteck
Rick Reifsteck

Vice President, Provider Compensation and Payer Contracting

Photograph of Rick Rinehart
Rick Rinehart

Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Photograph of Phil Rowell
Phil Rowell

Vice President, System Clinical and Business Intelligence

Photograph of Suzanne Sampson
Suzanne Sampson

System Vice President, Information Management and Analytics, Project Management

Photograph of Julianna Sellett
Julianna Sellett

Vice President, Community Health Initiatives

Photograph of Mary Treacy Shiff
Mary Treacy Shiff

Vice President, Finance and Financial Reporting

Photograph of Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan

Vice President, Carle Cancer Center, Heart and Vascular Institute and Neuroscience Institute

Photograph of Robert Good, DO
Robert Good, DO

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Population Health

Photograph of Robert Healy, MD
Robert Healy, MD

Chief Medical Quality Officer, Medical Director of GME and DIO

Photograph of Blair Rowitz, MD
Blair Rowitz, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer and Carle Illinois College of Medicine Associate Dean

Photograph of Sally Salmons, MD
Sally Salmons, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Medicine and Medical Subspecialties

Photograph of Lesly Whitlow
Lesly Whitlow

Vice President, Primary Care

Photograph of Chester Ho, MD
Chester Ho, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Population Health and Health Alliance and System Medical Management

Photograph of Rae Ann Ronk
Rae Ann Ronk

Vice President, Human Resources