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On July 1st, BroMenn Medical Center, Eureka Hospital and area clinics officially joined Carle Health. Together, we look forward to expanding to meet the healthcare needs of patients like you across our region. We wanted to take this opportunity to share more about our partnership and what it means for you.

Below please find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still see my doctor?
Most patients will continue to receive care from their same, trusted primary care or specialty care provider. If your provider is relocating or will no longer be seeing patients, you should have received a letter with guidance on selecting a new provider. And, at any time, if you have questions about selecting a new provider please contact (866) 536-0617. You may also visit and select “Find a Doctor” to search for a provider by area or location.
I don’t currently have a physician. How do I find a provider in my area and one that fits my needs?
A good place to start is by visiting and click on Find a Doctor. This will enable you to customize your search by provider, specialty and/or location along with their contact information.

Call (866) 536-0617 if you need to find a provider or are looking for a new provider.

If you’d like to reach out directly to a specific location, you can contact:
Is my insurance still accepted?
Carle’s primary goal is to ensure continuity of care and a seamless transition for patients’ insurance coverage. All patients are urged to verify their benefits and coverage with their insurance plan to determine whether services will be covered as in-network or out-of-network benefits. Information about contracts with insurance providers can be found online on our Health Plans Accepted page.
How do I schedule an appointment?
You will schedule an appointment the same way you do today by calling your healthcare provider’s office directly. Here’s listing of our main locations. You may also search our provider listing or our locations.
I need to reach my provider, but it’s after regular business hours, what do I do?
When you contact your provider’s office and it is after hours, your call will be directed to Carle’s Patient Advisory line where someone can help you. In the case of a medical emergency, please dial 911.
How do I pay my bill?
Any balance you owe where the date of service was June 30, 2020 or prior will be on an Advocate patient statement. You should pay any open balances separately to that statement address until paid in full.

Charges with dates of service July 1, 2020 or later for Carle ambulatory and clinical services will appear on the Carle consolidated bill. These charges will appear as Carle West Physician Group, and include the location at which care was received. For questions about this bill, call (888) 71-CARLE, (888) 712-2753.

Charges with dates of service July 1, 2020 or later provided at Carle BroMenn Medical Center and Carle Eureka Hospital will appear on a separate statement of hospital charges from Carle. For questions about this statement, call (855) 665-2970 or (309) 268-5289.

It is critical to follow the payment method as it is outlined on your bill or statement. Each payment must be sent to the address indicated on the bill or statement or it may result in posting delays or in your payment getting applied to other balances.

More information about billing can be found on our billing page.
I am currently receiving financial assistance with my medical bills, how will that change?
Patients who were awarded financial assistance from Advocate Medical Group, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center or Advocate Eureka Hospital, and are within the active eligibility window, will automatically be eligible for Carle Financial Assistance Program (CFAP). Carle’s financial assistance will be applied to charges with dates of service July 1, 2020 through the end date of the patient’s eligibility period.

Learn more about Carle’s Financial Assistance Program.
What happens to my MyAdvocateAurora account? Do I need to re-register?
Patients with a MyAdvocateAurora account will need to transition to MyCarle. MyCarle is a comprehensive online medical record, that gives patients control over their health information. With MyCarle patients can look up immunization records, lab and radiology results, schedule or request appointments, view after visit summaries, discharge information and so much more.

There are a few simple ways to download MyCarle and create an account.
  • Code request – You can request a code from any front desk person and go home to complete the sign up within 30 days (code will expire).
  • MyCarle online request – Request a code from Identities will either be instantly verified or a code will be emailed within 7 days. Patients will then go through the sign up steps.
  • Check-In/Instant Access – While checking in, a secure link can be sent directly to your email or text that provides an instant link to the portal for the patient to finalize username, password and signup.

Please note, if you are currently using the BroMenn or Eureka patient portal you will need still need to sign up for MyCarle, but patients should be able to merge their accounts. The MyCarle portal may automatically prompt current users to start the merge process. If you are not prompted, simply click My Profile, Link My Accounts and search for your institution.

Contact the Patient Support Line at (217) 326-4001 with any questions.
How do I register for a class?
We encourage you to visit to find all the available classes in our various locations. You may register online.
Can I still give/donate specifically to BroMenn or Eureka organizations?
Yes. Charitable funds designated for specific purposes will remain as the donor directed. You can do this online  or you can call one of the following locations:
Will all of my patient records now be available to Carle?
Your records will be available to your physician/s. It’s our intent that by the end of 2020, Carle BroMenn Medical Center and Carle Eureka Hospital will transition to EPIC, an electronic medical record system to give all Carle providers access to patient medical data and allowing more effective treatment management and greater quality of care.

This benefits patients as it allows more efficiency in treatment and reduces duplication of testing for more effective care management.
How do I request my medical records?
You can request your medical records by mail, in person or by phone. You can find details on the process at or call (217) 902-6500. Learn more about requesting medical records.
How do I find Immediate Care?
Immediate Care is now called Convenient Care. Convenient Care is provided at the same locations as before, including Carle Eureka Hospital, Carle BroMenn Outpatient Center and Carle Normal on College. You can find a listing all Carle Convenient Care locations at
Why is Carle bringing BroMenn and Eureka into its system?
Carle has a strong history in central and southern Illinois. We’re committed to expanding to meet the health care needs of patients across the region, which is a vision that we share with the clinical teams at our locations in McLean and Woodford counties. We share equal values and commitment to providing excellence in healthcare. There are evolving needs in the communities and we’re able, together, to meet those needs.
How does this impact my relationship with my physician?
It should not. You will, however, have more options for high quality, accessible care in your area.

Carle and BroMenn have a long history of strong clinical partnerships and this is a natural evolution of our relationship. Our physician groups have partnered with the Carle health system to promote greater collaboration and care coordination for our patients.
How does this impact patients and communities?
This is positive news for patients who will have greater access to more services closer to home. The integration of our locations in the region allows providers to best serve the needs of our patients and communities in Central Illinois.
Are BroMenn and Eureka remaining faith based?
Carle continues to honor BroMenn and Eureka’s faith-based history and heritage. While those faith-based roots will not extend to Carle, the health system promotes inclusivity and honors all faiths.