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Delivering the vaccine – and hope – to Carle workers

Delivering the vaccine – and hope – to Carle workers
Hope for Carle Health employees arrived in cardboard boxes Wednesday afternoon – the first doses of
the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

It’s the kind of event we’re likely to remember for years to come, a milestone for our organization, our
patients and ourselves.

No doubt, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital (CRMH) employees Ryan Kirby, Arrow paramedic, and Lori
Moudy, RN, will remember because they were the first and second employees in the system – and the
first people in Richland County – to get the vaccine. Moudy said she is grateful for the opportunity.

vials.jpg“I work in the Emergency Department, so I have been on the front line this whole time, she said. ”I was ready to get it. I’m hoping this gets us to the point we can get out and be together with our families and
others again. That it gets us back to a sense of normal.”

Stephanie Ochs, RN manager, Family Maternity Service, can also feel pride in her role on this milestone
day. She gave the vaccine to the first few CRMH employees.

“Delivering the vaccinations to my fellow coworkers was just being part of our team – administering the
vaccine to a most vulnerable population, the caregiver, so that they are able to continue providing care
to our community,” Ochs said.

Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana serves as the region 6 Regional Hospital Coordinating Center, and
directs vaccines to healthcare providers in the region based on guidance from public health officials.
CRMH was high on the list to receive the vaccine because Richland County is among the 50 counties with
the highest COVID death rates in Illinois.

Carle BroMenn Medical Center and Carle Eureka Hospital will receive vaccine from their respective
public health officials as part of the Region 2 distribution plan.

At CFH, Uretz Oliphant, MD, General Surgery, Trauma Sugery, received the first dose delivered there.

“I’m humbled and honored to be among the first to receive this important lifesaving vaccine,” Dr.
Oliphant said. “I was proud to roll up my sleeve to protect myself and others. Scientists and medical
professionals all over the world came together to ensure this vaccine safely reached people and brings
hope to many. As this virus continues to have a devastating impact on so many people, I’m happy to have another tool to help us fight the virus.”

The work to deliver vaccines to employees and patients will move IMG_5882.jpgforward now in a phased approach as directed by public health.

“Our top priority is delivering vaccines in order to end this pandemic – and we must ensure our frontline workers are protected so they can care for our patients,” Linda Fred, vice president, Pharmacy Services said. “All employees will have the opportunity to get the vaccine. We have a solid plan to take on this important challenge, and Carle is up to that challenge.”

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Delivering the vaccine – and hope – to Carle workers