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Doctors' Day: a thousand thanks to our physicians

Doctors' Day: a thousand thanks to our physicians
If someone does something nice for you, you might say “thank you” with a word, a card, a gift or a smile. You might try to return the favor. People say “thanks” in many ways and in countless languages to convey their gratitude.

But how do you thank someone for saving your life, keeping you healthy and well, or caring for you when you are sick or in pain? At Carle, we have extraordinary physicians who work diligently to provide the very best care and service to our patients. They foster wellness, treat the sick, heal the wounded and save lives. Their efforts help keep our communities healthy and thriving.

Words may seem inadequate to convey the depth of gratitude for the lasting impact physicians have in our lives, but sincere messages of appreciation are meaningful. And while perhaps no card or gift can truly repay the care a patient received, such gestures can serve as a reminder to doctors of how important their work is and that what they do matters. To those who go into a profession to help people, hearing from grateful patients can be uplifting and encouraging.

March 30 is National Doctors' Day, a day when we take a moment to thank our physicians, who continue to inspire and awe.  
“2020, 2021, and the start of 2022 have been some of the toughest years for physicians to practice because of the COVID pandemic. No matter what challenges they experienced our dedicated physicians working at Carle Health – whether in our larger communities like Champaign and Bloomington or in our rural areas, such as Olney, Hoopeston and El Paso – went above and beyond to provide the care that was needed, while putting themselves daily at risk along the way,” Napoleon Knight, MD, MBA, executive vice president and chief medical officer said.

During a pandemic, patients throughout our service area have continued to receive exceptional care. This is especially meaningful to those living in more rural areas who might otherwise struggle to get appropriate access to care.
“I am so grateful to work with such an amazing, compassionate, and dedicated group of physicians.  I appreciate their endless commitment and dedication to provide outstanding care to the patients and families we serve. Even though Doctors’ Day is just one day, I recognize every day how lucky our team members, community members, and most of all, our patients are to have access to such a remarkable group of physicians and services,” said Gina Thomas DNP, MBA, president of Carle Richland Memorial Hospital.
Patty Holaday, vice president of Provider Services, noted the incredible talent and character inherent in our physicians throughout the organization.  

“Congratulations to all physicians throughout Carle Health on Doctors Day 2022! It is an honor to work alongside such dedicated, innovative individuals, as especially exemplified during the pandemic. On behalf of Carle team members and our many patients, thank you for the exceptional work that you do each and every day!’” Holaday said.

To all our physicians, thank you!

“You provided exemplary patient care, supported our staff, supported each other, and provided a trusted voice of reason during a very unsure time,” Dr. Knight said, “Your leadership, strength, flexibility and poise under pressure were incredible to watch and to experience. I am inspired by your efforts, proud to call you colleagues and I thank you for your steadfast dedication to your profession.”

As we celebrate National Doctors’ Day today, please take a moment to share your appreciation for a Carle physician:
  • Share your own message of gratitude on
  • Give a gift in any amount in honor of a doctor to show how important their work is and help us continue to enhance the world-class healthcare provided by Carle.
  • Purchase a red carnation (the flower of Doctors’ Day) if in the Champaign/Urbana area, for a Carle doctor. The Carle Foundation Hospital, Curtis and online gift shops are selling the carnations until Friday, April 1. Deliveries will be made to the Carle Urbana on Windsor at 11:30 a.m. each day. Flowers must be prepaid via the website or called into the CFH gift shop to be delivered to Windsor.

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