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New COVID-19 screening tools for patients

New COVID-19 screening tools for patients
Today Carle launched new screening tools to help patients and community members determine if further  assistance is recommended if you’re experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
First, a new online assessment available on The tool includes the same series of questions as in-person screening at Carle locations. Based on the responses to these questions and our risk assessment, the system responds with guidance on how, where or if a patient should seek care.

The symptoms of the virus that causes COVID-19 are similar to other respiratory viral illnesses and include:
•    Fever
•    Dry cough
•    Trouble breathing or shortness of breath

Second, Carle launched a dedicated COVID-19 hotline for patients for answers to questions as well as virtual health assessment. Patients can call 217-902-6100 and press 1. 
In addition to using these new screening tools, people should call their healthcare provider or facility prior to arrival if they are exhibiting these symptoms.

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