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Child Life:

  • Helps children understand medical information by using simpler terms.
  • Answers questions from staff and families about how children cope in the hospital.
  • Makes sure parents feel like part of their child’s healthcare team.
  • Supports children through the grief of losing a loved one.
  • Finds ways to help children play while they recover in the hospital.

Our expert team cares for children, teens and families through education, support and making healthcare experiences as easy as possible. Our work makes children feel more relaxed and improves communication among our patients, families and healthcare teams.

Meet Our Team

With doctors practicing in 80 specialties at locations throughout the region, it’s easy to find the right healthcare team at Carle. Our mission is to serve people through high quality care, medical research and education.


Classes, Events and Support Groups

Jan. 21, 2020
6:15 p.m.
Jan. 30, 2020
6 p.m.