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Male and Female EMT working on a patient

Military and Veteran Services

Recognized as an Employer of the Year in 2018 by the American Legion Department of Illinois, Carle and Health Alliance are committed to the diverse work population in our community, including military and veterans. We recognize the value of diverse team members in making our mission not only possible but life-changing. 


Apply with us

Carle Human Resources recognizes and understands military experience and strengths, both on a résumé and in an interview. Our team provides:

  • Assistance with translating military experience to career opportunities at Carle
  • Career-related coaching and guidance
  • Assisting with military training and education equivalencies, particularly medical jobs

As a Carle employee

Carle Human Resources helps employees navigate the numerous career and support programs available to veterans. We provide:

  • Specific onboarding program to help facilitate a smooth transition from the military to Carle
  • Access to a designated Human Resources partner
  • Recognition of military service through career ladder credit, badge identification and special events
  • Individualized career planning and support
  • Military and veteran specific mentor program