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Two Carle nurses checking an IV line.

Workforce Development

Carle makes it easier for people to acquire the skills and support they need to enter the workforce with confidence. From nursing school graduates looking for a way to ease in to their practice, or high school graduate interested in the healthcare field, Carle has a variety of programs to help people get to work.

Nurse Residency

The Carle Nurse Residency Program (CNRP) is a nationally recognized transition-to-practice program that successfully guides nurses into their careers. Nursing students in the final year of nursing school or nurses who have been away from the bedside for more than five years are eligible to apply. The 12- to 20-week (depending on track and unit) program provides orientation, coaching and support to make all the difference.

The program offers:

  • Support and coaching from dedicated clinical education specialists
  • Nurse residency classes designed to build and strengthen knowledge, skills, critical thinking, judgment and confidence
  • Nurse residents work alongside experienced nurses who enjoy teaching and voluntarily trained to work as preceptors
  • Continued support and encouragement from residency leadership team after completion of nursing orientation
  • Nurse residents experience a variety of units before transitioning into a home unit placement
  • A sense of community through opportunities to get to know other new graduate nurses at Carle and experience the support of new colleagues

Carle offers several tracks to support your specific nursing focus. Tracks, and specific units include:

Inpatient (acute)

  • Children's Health (Pediatrics and NICU)
  • Critical Care/ICU
  • Emergency Department
  • Medical/Surgical (includes Advanced Care, Cardio-Pulmonary, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, Observation, Oncology, OR, Orthopedics)
  • Women's Health (Labor & Delivery, Antepartum, Postpartum)

Outpatient (ambulatory)

  • Primary Care and Select Specialty Clinics


  • Digestive Health 
  • Heart & Vascular Institute 
  • Radiology


Health Care Technician (HCT) in Training

Health Care Technician in Training program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to jump into the field of healthcare. HCTs are critical members of the patient care team, and this program helps people gain the skills necessary to provide exceptional patient care.

The program includes eight weeks of class and clinical training in preparation for work as a Carle HCT. Participants will also train alongside a Carle HCT to practice on-the-job skills. After successfully completing training, candidates will transition to HCT positions in the inpatient setting.

This program is not for Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA). If you are already licensed as a CNA, you may apply directly for HCT openings.

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Training

The CMA in Training program is designed to provide a full-time, paid training opportunity to learn, through various teaching methods and on-the-job training, the information required to take and successfully pass the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam. At the successful completion of the exam, the trainee will become a CMA. The CMA performs routine administrative and patient care support duties to assist medical and/or nursing staff in the examination and treatment of patients and ensures that the office runs smoothly. At the completion of the program and successful examination, the CMA will transfer to a CMA department position.

Pharmacy Technician University (PTU)

Carle Health PTU is a program designed to provide educational training that will prepare pharmacy technicians for current and future needs of the health care industry, to competently assist pharmacists in the delivery of pharmacy services and provide quality service to meet the needs of our patient population. The program consists of online didactic modules, hands on lab simulations, and in person pharmacy practice experientials. At the successful completion of the 400+ hour program, including a final exam and exit survey, the trainee will be awarded with a Carle Health PTU Certificate of Completion and Diploma. Trainees will also be ready to sit for their certification exam to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). As of November 2022, 100% of Carle Health PTU Graduates are Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

Surgical Tech Residency

The Carle Surgical Tech Residency Program is an evidence-based, comprehensive program to assist a new surgical technologist’s transition from academia to practice. Residents will spend three to four weeks (per unit) getting experience within a variety of perioperative departments before being placed into a permanent position that is a great match for the surgical technologist and the department.

Residents will get experience in the OR, Digestive Health Center, Labor and Delivery, and Champaign Surgery Center at the Fields.


Job Readiness and Learning Program

Carle’s Job Readiness and Learning Program provides a pathway to successful employment at Carle. The program features six weeks of classroom and on-the-job-training in different career areas, including environmental services and food service. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates attain a full-time position.


Carle’s Returnship Program is designed to help individuals who’ve been on an extended career break get back to work. Raising children, taking care of an aging parent, pursuing a dream – all are important life moments that can take a person away from a career.

The Returnship is a 10-week high-level paid internship offered annually to help individuals re-establish skills and connect with potential career opportunities. The program provides opportunities to leverage past knowledge, skills and work experience in various corporate roles. Program includes professional development, mentored training and support in reintegrating into corporate life.