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EMS Region 2

Regional Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are so much more than the first responders we know and trust. The state of Illinois specifically designed a division of the government, the Division of Emergency Medical Systems and Highway Safety, to improve EMS success throughout the state.

According to the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System is “an organization of hospitals, vehicle service providers and personnel approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) in a specific geographic area, which coordinates and provides pre-hospital and inter-hospital emergency care and non-emergency medical transports at a BLS, Intermediate Life Support (ILS) and/or ALS level pursuant to a System program plan submitted to and approved by IDPH, and pursuant to the EMS Regional Plan adopted for the EMS Region in which the system is located.” Carle Health is one of several agencies in central Illinois which provides coordination, education and cooperation with other emergency management agencies.

Additional Resources

NREMT to Illinois State License Pathway

If you have a current state EMT license/certification, an equivalent EMT level license/certification, or recognized higher EMS level license/certification, and you are applying for National Registry EMT certification, please refer to the attached document for requirements. 

EMT students will need:

1. A copy of NREMT certification.
2. Current BLS providers CPR card.
3. IDPH personal history statement (child support/felony form).

Paramedic students will need:

1. Proof of passing NREMT cognitive exam.
2. Current BLS provider CPR card. 
3. IDPH personal history statement (child support/felony form). 

Where do I send my information?

  • All forms can be emailed to at  and students can pay the IDPH initial licensure fee online with a PIN sent to you by IDPH. Or you can contact Terrance Hubbard for an appointment to bring your paperwork into the office along with a money order or cashier’s check for $45 made out to Illinois Dept. of Public Health.

Regional EMS Educational Opportunities

Carle Health Region 2 EMS offers education CME opportunities each month on the 2nd Thursday of the month. To register for these educational opportunities or to learn more about the topics click here


Protocols, Policies and Care Guidelines are the latest versions for Carle Health Regional EMS. If your EMS system is outside of Region 2, contact your system or regional coordinator for the appropriate Policies, Protocols and Care Guidelines.

For a full listing of Carle Health Peoria EMS Policies and Procedures, please visit the Carle Health Peoria EMS app.