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Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Label-free Histopathology

Location: Carle Cancer Center - Urbana
Body site or condition: Gynecological - Other
Department: Cancer Research

18CCC1768 - Label-free Histo

This study will evaluate the capability of optical spectroscopy and imaging instruments to analyze freshly excised tissue, and determine diagnostically important features. Typically, during surgery, patient tissue is snap frozen and stained. The stained tissue is used for disease diagnosis, identifying margins, determining grade, stage, and disease progression. Use of frozen tissues introduces artifacts, takes longer time and requires multiple sections to ensure that the disease progression is accurately determined. Specialized staining such as immunohistochemistry can even take up to a few weeks, delaying decision making for therapy. Using optical spectroscopic imaging, we will be able to provide diagnostic information with minimal tissue processing and in a much shorter timeframe. This will enable improved and faster diagnosis leading to improvements in surgical outcomes. In addition, multiple stains can be obtained from a single optical spectroscopic image data, thus enabling multiplexing in terms of molecular information.

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