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Women’s Legacy Circle

Nearly $1 million in grants from the Women’s Legacy Circle have funded more than 120 extraordinary healthcare projects at Carle Foundation Hospital and other sites throughout our Champaign-Urbana region. Every year, this group of generous and compassionate women combine their resources, learn about the specific healthcare needs of the community they call home and decide how they want to spend their annual dues. Since 2009, this one-of-a-kind giving circle has made an outsized impact not only at Carle, but also in the lives of the many individuals and families touched by their generosity. Become a part of this extraordinary group today – the larger the Women’s Legacy Circle grows, the greater their impact on the care Carle provides for all who depend on us.


Member List

We're grateful to the following women who donated $500 in 2021 to be a member of the Women's Legacy Circle and make a difference in the lives of many:

Donna Abbott

Adelaide Aime

Robin Allen

Jo Anderson

Joann Anderson

Sharon R. Anderson 

Elizabeth Angelo

Palmira Appelquist

Kathleen Aquino

Carol Arnould

Dr. Tess Bailey

Kayla Banks

Barbara Barker

Lynne Barnes

Leanne Barnhart

Judi Baylor

Nancy Bell

Danielle Berger

Pamela Bigler

Jennifer Black

Carol Blankenburg

Gail Block

Sandra Boileau

Lesa Brandt

Dr. Kathleen Buetow

Carol Bunting

Jessica Burkybile

Carolyn Burrell

Molly Caldwell-Wetters

Dr. Kristine Carpenter

Laura Caveny

Margaret Cline

Nancy Clinton

Courtney Cox

Jo Ann Creek

Cheryl Dale

Judy Daley

Joyce Day

Sandy DeSalvio

Christy Devocelle

Maggie Dougherty-Roberts

Jennifer Eardley

Cheryl Easter

Marty Edwards

Jane Elliott

Chantel Ellis

Vanessa Faurie

Denise Fields

Karla Fisher

Natalie Frankenberg

Jona Franklin

Amy Fruehling

Marnie Fuesting

Barbara Gentry

Mary Gentry

Nancy Geubelle

Dr. Pat Gill

Linda Glazier

MaryBess Gordon

Joann Gorrell

Jillian Graves

Jane Green

Jaymie Green

Antoinette Greenberg

Donna Greene

Kim Griffith

Dr. Tracy Grotrian

Rebecca Guyette

Anne Hall

Jocelyn Harseim

Jessica Hartke

Barbara Hartman

Jane Hays

Ellen Hendrickson

Heather Hintz

Patricia Holaday

Pamela Hulten

Linda Irle

Judith Iversen

Renita Jackson

Dr. Swarna Jaliparthi

Pat Jensen

Margaret Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Dr. Allison Jones

Lyn Jones

Patricia Jones

Rebekah Jones*

Jennifer Jorstad

Beth Katsinas

Jan Kiley

Bobbie Jo Kirby

Dr. Suzanna Kitten

Pamela Knox

Susan Krock*

Barb Kuhl

Elizabeth Kurt

Dr. Annette Lansford

Dr. Sandy Leister

Robin Leonard

Brenda Lerner Berg

Margo Lykins

Sinead Madigan

Patricia Madsen

Heather Masters

Amanda McCartney

Mary McGrath

Dr. Patricia McNussen

Holly Melby

Meredith Mills

Renee Monfort

Lina Mongwa

Terra Mullins

Dr. Carol Muster

Adele Myers

Nancy Nash

Dr. Karen Nelson

Judith Nowak

Jordan Oakes

Dr. Michelle Olson

Julie O'Neill

Karen Overmyer

Cyndi Paceley

Linda Page

Julie Palermo

Kelly Parker

Marilyn Parkhill

Jana Perry

Laurie Pettigrew

Jane Piper

Joan Plunk

Mary Jo Porter

Penny Porter

Johnalene Radek

Michelle Ramage

Sandra Reifsteck

Gretchen Robbins

Faith Roberts

Regina Ross

Lee Ann Rotz Novak

Rosemary Sabbia

Dr. Sally Salmons

Dr. Rasleen Saluja

Jane Santogrossi

Tina Schable

Sherleen Scheibly

Debbie Schmidt

Rachael Schott

Katie Schroeder

Rachel Schroeder

Lakita Scott

Christine Scroggins

Julianna Sellett

Julie Shapland

Patricia Singer

Christine Slater-Vohs

Linda Sloat

Michele Smith

Cheryl Snyder

Roberta Sparenberg

Cecile Steinberg

Jeanene Stephens

Kendra Stewart

Tara Strack

Casey Sutherland

Cynthia Swanson

Carol Terstriep

Dr. Catherine Thurston

Brenda Timmons

Susan Timmons

Kelly Toliver

Marie Tompkins

Sandy Tompkins

Carol Tracy

Mary Treacy Shiff

Jennifer Vallowe

Susan L. Van Bibber 

June Van Vorst

Dena Vermette

April Vogelsang

Pamela Walsh

Catherine Webber

Ann Webbink

Cynthia Wellman

Brittney Wetherell

Mary Wetter

Katy Whisman

Nancy Whitford

Lesly Whitlow

Shelley Williams

Shirley Witte

Brooke Wright

Dr. Sarah Zehr

Joan Zernich

Dana Ziegler

Katie Zimmerman

* deceased