The Hospital Health Care Team

At Carle Foundation Hospital we strive to provide the absolute best care possible. If you have questions about your illness or treatment, please speak with the physician coordinating your care. If you have questions about who is managing your care, please ask your nurse. Because Carle is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Medicine, you also may be seen by medical students or residents. If you do not wish to be seen by medical students, please inform your doctor. See below for descriptions of the Carle Foundation Hospital health care team.

The Nursing Staff

Here you will find a nurturing, highly collaborative environment where professional nursing care is provided around-the-clock by a team of registered nurses, clinical nurse educators, licensed practical nurses and health care technicians. Nurse managers are responsible for coordinating the patient care provided and directing the staff in which the care is delivered by. Student nurses, under the direction of Carle professionals and their college or university, also may play a role in your care.

Your nurse and the team surrounding your care is here for you, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have before, during and after your stay. We can also be contacted by using the nurse call button located near your bed.

Hospitalist Service

The Adult Hospitalist Service team consists of board certified internal medicine and family practice physicians who specialize in caring for hospitalized patients. From admission through discharge, they are on-site around the clock to coordinate every detail of your treatment, meeting with you at least once a day to discuss your care and answer any questions you may have. They work in close consultation with specialists assigned to your care, as well as your primary care doctor, to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Studies have shown that Hospitalist programs offer many benefits to hospital patients, including faster recovery and enhanced safety, and Carle Foundation Hospital’s team is one of the most established in the country (established in 1997). Once you are discharged from the Hospital, you will return to seeing your primary care physician. Information about your hospital stay will be communicated with your primary care physician so appropriate follow up treatment can be given.

Inpatient Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacists provide an important means of meeting the medication needs and improving the medication safety of our patients. The Inpatient Pharmacy goes beyond simply providing the drugs by assisting the medical staff in selecting the right medications, assisting the nurses in proper administration of the medications and providing direct services to the patients in the form of medication management consults to look for interactions, dosing issues, side effects, etc. Pharmacists are an excellent resource for drug information for both providers and patients.

The Hospital’s Inpatient Pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the needs of all patients of Carle Foundation Hospital.

Palliative Medicine

Palliative Care is the means of providing care to patients and their families when pain and other symptoms impair their quality of life. The team - a physician, nurse practitioner, social worker and chaplain - is available to help families when making difficult medical decisions and evaluating treatment options for advanced illness or complex medical issues, regardless of age or diagnosis.


A staff of full-time, registered dietitians are available to plan your dietary needs during your stay.

Nurse Case Managers

Case managers are assigned to each patient care area. They are prepared to help you with your stay, including insurance certification and coordinating services needed upon discharge from the Hospital.  More resources for discharge planning are available here.

Social Work Case Managers

Social work case managers are assigned to each patient care area and are prepared to help patients and family members manage financial, social and emotional problems that relate to illness or hospitalization.

Pastoral Care

Total patient care requires attention to the spiritual, as well as the physical and emotional needs of each patient. Members of the pastoral care staff are available to you, whatever your religious perspective. Pastoral care services are provided 24 hours a day 365 days a year by four full-time, board certified chaplains and three PRN (as needed) chaplains. All of our chaplaincy staff have specialized training for hospital ministry. Your own clergy person is also welcome to visit you during your stay.

Housekeeping / Environmental Services

Your room is cleaned daily by a member of our housekeeping staff. If there is a housekeeping problem in your room, tell your nurse and or call Environmental Services at (217) 383-3330.

Volunteers / Auxiliary

Auxiliary members, volunteers and student volunteers contribute many hours of service and financial assistance to the Hospital. They supplement the services of our staff in many ways and can be identified by their name tags.

Other Staff

During your stay, you may be visited by many other health professionals including staff from our Laboratory, X-ray, Respiratory Care and Therapy Services departments. If you have questions about any treatment or procedure, don't hesitate to ask the technician or your nurse.