The Hospital Health Care Team

At Carle, we strive to provide the best care possible. If you have questions about your illness or treatment, please let us know. Any caregiver who enters your room should be properly identified with a hospital or Carle name badge.

Because many of our hospitals are teaching facilities, you also may be seen by medical residents or nursing students. These residents and student nurses are completing their medical training and are supervised by more experienced doctors and nurses who closely monitor clinical outcomes. If you don’t wish to be seen by medical students, please tell your doctor.

Nursing Staff

Nursing care is provided by a team of registered nurses and healthcare technicians. Nursing students may also take part in your care under the direction of Carle professionals. At any time you can contact a member of the nursing team by pressing the call button.


Hospitalists are board certified internal medicine and family medicine doctors who specialize in caring for hospital patients. From admission to discharge, your hospital medicine team is on site around the clock to coordinate every detail of your treatment.

When you leave the hospital, you’ll return to being cared for by your primary care provider. Information about your stay will be sent to your primary care provider so you receive appropriate follow up treatment.

Inpatient Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacists work with your care team to make sure you receive the medication needed for your care. As experts in medication management, they assist with dosing issues, side effects and proper administration.

Palliative Medicine

Palliative care is the means of providing care to patients and their families when pain and other symptoms impair their quality of life. The team – a doctor, nurse practitioner, social worker and chaplain – is available to help families when making difficult medical decisions and evaluating treatment options for advanced illness or complex medical issues, regardless of age or diagnosis.


Registered dietitians are available to ensure your dietary needs are met throughout your stay. They’re available for consultation if you’re not eating well and need additional support, or if you have questions about your special diet.

Social Work

Social workers are prepared to help you manage financial, social and emotional problems that relate to your illness or hospitalization.

Spiritual Care

Hospital chaplains are present in each area of the hospital Monday through Friday and are on call throughout all nights and weekends. They're available to provide comfort, support and a listening ear in a way that respects your individual values and choices. All of our chaplains have specialized training for hospital ministry. Your own faith leader is also welcome to visit you during your stay.

Environmental Services

Your room is cleaned and sanitized daily by a member of our Environmental Services staff. If there’s a housekeeping problem in your room, tell your nurse or call Environmental Services.

Volunteers / Auxiliary

Auxiliary members, volunteers and students contribute many hours of service to the hospital. They supplement our services in many ways and can be identified by their name tags.

Additional Health Professionals

Depending on your care plan, you may also receive a visit from laboratory, radiology, respiratory care or therapy services.