Hospital Medicine

Coordination. Expertise. Care.

From admission through discharge, our hospitalist medicine specialists are on-site around the clock to coordinate every detail of your treatment. Carle Foundation Hospital's staff of hospitalist medicine specialists work in close consultation with the on-site medical team assigned to your care, as well as your primary care doctor, to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Studies have shown that hospital medicine programs offer many benefits, including:
  • Enhanced patient care and safety
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay
  • Reduced hospitalization costs
  • Improved patient satisfaction
The Benefits of Hospital Medicine Specialists at Carle Foundation Hospital
The benefits of our Hospital Medicine program are clear when you compare our results to the key indicators of excellent care.

Length of Stay
Our Hospital Medicine program reduces hospitalization costs as a result of shorter hospital stays.
  • 32% shorter stay than the national average.
  • 31% shorter stay for patients who have experienced a heart attack (AMI).
  • 32% shorter stay for patients who have experienced heart failure (CHF).
  • 34% shorter stay for patients who have experienced community acquired pneumonia (CAP).
Patient Satisfaction
Our Hospital Medicine program has excelled in patient satisfaction and enhanced patient care.
  • 91st percentile in time that our physicians spend with each patient.
  • 97th percentile in concern and care expressed for each patient's questions or worries.
Established in 1997, our hospital medicine program is one of the most established in the country, and our experience shows.