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Carle AirLife starts life-saving service from Olney

Carle AirLife starts life-saving service from Olney

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is excited to share its newest service with the community and region. On July 11, the Carle AirLife air ambulance and Carle AirLife crew did just that at the Richland County Fair. Visitors toured the helicopter, learned about the unique medical configuration and met the crew members.

The crew was also available to educate the community on the helicopter specialty medical equipment and life-saving medications – including blood. This was a great opportunity for the community to meet the crew members who care for patients on the AirLife helicopter.

AirLife is crucial for delivering safe and high-quality care to patients nearby and in the region. AirLife staff consists of a highly experienced and qualified pilot, flight nurse and flight paramedic. AirLife provides the hospital with a 24-hour air medical transport team to help critically ill and injured patients.

“It was a fantastic day at the fair,” said Cortney Schumacher, AirLife supervisor and crew member. “Families and local community members stopped by with tons of curiosity. Everyone was excited and interested in the AirLife helicopter. Many people complimented the size and space of the patient compartment.”

Many at the event said that although they hope they never have to see it in action, they know if they ever do need AirLife, they will be in great hands with this helicopter and this crew.

“AirLife is happy to partner with Olney and Carle Richland Memorial Hospital to bring additional opportunities to the area for emergent care,” said Lynn Ullestad, director, AirLife and Specialty Transport. “The AirLife team is trained to care for patients throughout the entire continuum of life. In addition, we have specialty teams prepared to care for specialty patient populations when needed. The AirLife crew also has advanced training in the care of patients at the scene of an accident.”

CRMH has been spotlighting the eight members of the crew in local media to help spread the word about this life-saving service. Crew members are stationed at the hospital 24/7 ready to respond at a moment's notice to those emergencies that require a patient to be flown to a larger hospital for care. This crew also responds to accident scenes and other regional hospitals from the helicopter base at Richland Memorial Hospital. While their home base may be Richland Memorial Hospital, they are prepared to serve the entire region with advanced care and the highest quality of medical care.

“We are here for our patients, day or night, whenever they need us,” Schumacher said.

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