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Passion for Occupational Medicine make Coles workers safer

Passion for Occupational Medicine make Coles workers safer
The experts at Carle Occupational Medicine in Coles County want to dispel some myths so more businesses and individuals benefit from their varied services.

“When most people think of Occupational Medicine, they think of work-related injury treatment or drug testing,” said Kelly Holt, DNP, APRN. “It’s so much more. We’re able to assure employers that their candidates are physically able to perform the jobs for which they’ve applied using pre-employment screenings and physicals. We can even work with companies to help make the workplace safer and limit work-related accidents.”

The team at Safety Storage sees that firsthand.

“Carle from the start has been there for us, and they’re able to get everyone in on a timely basis. Plus, the communication is great,” said Janice Carter, Human Resources manager at the Charleston business.
For more information about a host of available services for your business, please contact Regional Employer Relations Coordinator Amy Cathorall, BS, RVT, at or (217) 383-6730. 

“At Safety Storage, we’re very pleased with the services Carle provides, including our annual flu shots on-site. We’ve had no issues, and Carle is expanding their support every day,” Carter said.

Occupational Medicine creates healthier and safer employeesOccupational Medicine professionals support workplace health by knowing and addressing the needs and challenges of diverse employees and work settings.  

“Initially we reached out to Carle for their services related to drug screenings and pre-employment physicals, but we’re glad to have them be part of our team and help our employees out with other job-related needs,” Carter said.

Businesses and organizations that can benefit from pre-placement medical clearance include childcare centers, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, first responders and more.

With a background in primary and emergency care, Holt found a solid home in Occupational Medicine.

“I love learning new things and adding to my skill set, so I was excited to discover Occupational Medicine allows me to treat acute and short-term injuries, but also problem-solve and help teach people about safety in the workplace,” she said.

“To me, it’s a perfect mix.”

Work-related post-accident injury support can involve evaluations for illness due to exposure, and assessments for return to work after an injury or illness. 

Holt knows how important her team’s work is.

“We’ve provided pre-employment physicals for hundreds of people in local businesses and continue to do so,” she said. “Plus, we’ve provided Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals for major companies to ensure safe drivers on our roads.

“And we help injured employees return to work in the quickest and safest time frame possible.”

Carle Occupational Medicine provides local care, is cost-effective and comprehensive, and minimizes travel and work interruptions.

That works for Safety Storage, which encourages others business to learn more.

“When the opportunity came to work with Carle, it was a no brainer because I’m a Carle patient myself,” Carter said.

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