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Employee gift provides comfort in a pinch

Employee gift provides comfort in a pinch

Some things you do because they’re fun, and some things you do because they’re necessary.  For women, mammograms tend to fall in the second category. But at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital (CRMH), hospital employees are making the life-saving test a little better for patients, improving their comfort and care. 

About a third of the proceeds from the 2019 CRMH Employee Giving Campaign was used to purchase soft, disposable Bella Blankets. These blankets adhere to the mammogram receptor plate and make the test far more comfortable for patients. 

“We’ve been using them for about seven years now,” said Michelle Bloomer, CRMH mammography supervisor. “And they really make a difference.”

In addition to providing comfort and an added level of cleanliness, the blankets also serve an important medical role by immobilizing hard-to-position breasts and preventing slippage and other issues that cause discomfort and impact image quality. They’re also make it possible for technologists to image tissue closer to the chest wall, allowing more tissue to be screened. According to a study conducted by the company behind the blankets, this increase in tissue analysis can potentially reveal a one-centimeter lesion that might have otherwise been missed.

To further improve the experience, funds from the giving campaign are also being used to supply each patient with a personal care kit. Because patients can’t use deodorant or lotion during the exam, the kits provide them with wipes to clean their skin before the test. There are also deodorant wipes they can use afterwards, providing an extra level of freshness for those who may be returning to work once their test is over.

Altogether, nearly $5,000 was raised to purchase the blankets and care kits, but according to Bloomer, the value they provide goes way beyond that. 

“Mammograms are an essential weapon in the war against breast cancer,” said Bloomer. “When we make that experience better for the patients we assist, they’re much more likely to return for their next annual screening, which in turn improves their ongoing care. We’re very grateful to the employees who made this gift possible and for the exceptional care it allows us to provide.” 

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