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Living under the same roof as COVID-19

Living under the same roof as COVID-19
“Following your provider’s guidance and knowing when to call for emergency help are two key focuses for anyone living in a household with someone who has a COVID-19 diagnosis,” Robert Healy, MD, chief quality officer at Carle said.

Keep the provider’s contact information handy and if the patient displays a sudden shortness of breath, bluish lips or they seem confused, do not hesitate to contact emergency care where you live.

After a positive COVID-19 diagnosis:
The infected person should stay in their own bedroom and use their bathroom. They should isolate for 10 days and until fever-free. If the person cannot have their own room, open a window a bit so fresh air can circulate in the home.

“This is about not breathing the same air, not touching what they touch and keeping a space of 6 feet between the patient and anyone else in the home,” Dr. Healy said. “Following some simple tips can minimize the risk to others in your household.”

Additional tips:
  • The infected household member should wear a mask when around others.
  • Do not share personal products, towels or anything else.
  • Stay 6 feet away from the infected person, even when wearing a mask.
  • Other household members should wear gloves when caring for a loved one (doing laundry, taking their temperature).
  • Take temperature twice a day for every member in the household.
  • See that the person who is ill gets plenty of fluids and rest.
  • Limit contact between the ill person and a household pet.
  • The ill person should sleep in separate rooms and beds if possible.
  • Do not allow visitors in the household. 

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