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Honor holiday traditions in safe ways

Honor holiday traditions in safe ways
Families are encouraged to honor the Thanksgiving tradition safely this year. Following are a few thoughtful considerations so everyone stays healthy when they return home.
Is it safe to gather with family and friends during the holidays? 
If you do not feel well or have symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness, do not host or attend a gathering. Get tested if your symptoms resemble COVID-19 symptoms or you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. 
If you are fully vaccinated, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a typical Thanksgiving with others who are also fully vaccinated. Remember to protect those too young to yet receive a vaccine by being vaccinated yourself. 
Depending on the weather where you will be celebrating, consider spending part of the day outdoors.
Should the group be a certain size?
It is not so much about the size of the group, but who in the group is fully vaccinated. If you are gathering with a group of people from multiple households and possibly different parts of the country, you could consider added precautions such as taking a test in advance of the gathering and avoiding crowded indoor spaces before traveling.
If someone in the family has an underlying condition, should those at the gathering wear a mask?
If a member of the gathering has a weakened immune system, is at risk of severe disease, or is not vaccinated, you may want to consider wearing a mask. Do not put a mask on a child who is younger than 2 years old.
Should people be tested for COVID-19 before attending a family gathering?
Some individuals may feel more comfortable taking that added precaution before and after attending a gathering even if they are experiencing no symptoms. There are take-home rapid tests that may be purchased in local retail stores.
If everyone attending is fully vaccinated, is it safe to handle the same serving spoons, forks, knives?
It is always a safe bet to practice good hygiene and wash or sanitize your hands before eating.
Do I need to wear a mask indoors in public settings?
Whether you are vaccinated, or not vaccinated, you should wear a mask inside public indoor settings and on public transportation. Avoid crowded, or poorly ventilated spaces.
If we work together, we can keep one other healthy throughout the holiday season.

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