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Carle taps into artificial intelligence to advance clinical trials

Carle taps into artificial intelligence to advance clinical trials
Improving patient outcomes is at the center of everything we do at Carle Cancer Institute Urbana and clinical trials can play an important role in expanding care options. Clinical trials offer patients access to new, advanced therapies giving them new options they wouldn't otherwise have. 

Carle recently launched a new initiative to improve identification of potential participants for clinical trials using data analyzed by artificial intelligence. This new software has been deployed at Carle since August and was developed by a California based company, Deep 6 AI. Carle is using the software for 20 studies to identify new potential participants.

One of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of clinical research is finding participants who match the specific characteristics needed for the research study. Deep 6 AI uses a unique approach that searches through thousands of clinical data points such as test results, physician notes, lab reports, treatments and much more to create a clinical profile for individual patients, all while rigorously ensuring that individual health information is protected.

Researchers, analysts and doctors may use the clinical profiles to find and match patients to clinical trials. Whether a patient participates comes down to a physician’s suggestion and a discussion between the patient and the physician. This approach improves the ability to find trials for patients and helps prevent unnecessary sharing of confidential medical information.
“The vast majority of clinical trials with manual searches fail to recruit enough patients, therefore slowing research, contributing to rising drug costs and delaying patient access to life-saving treatments. The artificial intelligence applied to medical records finds more patients who are better matched for clinical trials and the work takes minutes rather than months,” Jennifer Eardley, vice president of research for Carle Health, said.

An example of one study benefiting from Deep 6 AI is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute to see if there is a connection between high blood sugar and pancreatic cancer. In five weeks, Carle was able to identify and enroll one participant in the study using traditional methods. However, in a matter of minutes, Deep 6 AI software identified six additional individuals who were eligible for the study called New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Cohort.

Deep 6 AI offers benefits not only to patients directly, but also helps researchers support more trials and expand participation in National Cancer Institute and other sponsored clinical trials.

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