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Patient credits doctor for improving her health, mobility, confidence

Patient credits doctor for improving her health, mobility, confidence
Jeanne Franklin could not raise her right leg to press on the brake pedal of her car. In fact, she said the pain in her right hip was so bad she could not leave the chair in her Georgetown home.

She also was unable to participate in her favorite activities such as driving to visit her adult disabled daughter, playing with her two grandsons and romping with her St. Bernard rescues. She needed a solution and found it through Michael Moran, MD, at Carle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Champaign.

“I was really not believing in healthcare professionals at the time. He was like a breath of fresh air,” Franklin said.

His concern was for a successful replacement of my right hip, which meant no more smoking so the hip will heal faster. So Franklin said she quit. “The total hip joint replacement not only took away the pain and allowed me to drive again, but it also improved my self-confidence.”

The surgery was in the morning of April 10, 2023 and she was home the same day before 5 p.m., walking into her house with a walker. “No staples, no stitches, no stiffness,” Franklin said. After that, just six total physical therapy sessions she drove to herself.

Dr. Moran is not surprised at the result. He performs 95 percent of his hip and knee replacements as outpatient procedures and for the convenience of patients, many of the procedures are at an ambulatory surgery center rather than a hospital. “The recovery is fast and our management at Carle has made outpatient surgery safe.”

“People want to feel healthy and the whole mindset about joint replacement has changed. It is not an operation on sick people. Instead, it is an operation on healthy people who should be walking and with their loved ones on the same day as the surgery. We have changed the whole perception. We have patients in street clothes shortly after surgery,” Dr. Moran said.

The patient care includes nursing staff staying in contact with patients before and after surgery to meet all of the patient’s needs, he said. “We have a surgical team, perioperative nursing staff, physical therapist and others who all work together to make outpatient joint replacement surgery possible and give patients a safe and fast recovery,” Dr. Moran said.

As for the procedure itself, Dr. Moran said, “The most important surgical principle is keeping normal muscle tension around the hip or knee joint. We make small incisions with specialized instruments to maintain that tension and this enables the new joint to work well immediately after surgery.”

With adjustments in how the anesthesiologist administers medication during the procedure and advances in medication now placed in the joint, a patient feels more comfortable after surgery and avoids nausea or dizziness, Dr. Moran said.

“Patients are able to walk down the hallway and ambulate to their car and their house. This is not something we have seen in the past,” he said. “We know patients enjoy the benefits of sleeping in their own beds on the day of surgery and being with their loved ones. Patients enjoy it. The staff enjoys it and that combination motivates all of us to be part of a patient-focused experience.”

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