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Life at Windsor of Savoy provides activities and events, building community and belonging

Life at Windsor of Savoy provides activities and events, building community and belonging
The winter temperatures and limited access to sunlight causes concerns for anyone without a built-in community. This is especially important to consider for older community members when many seniors face isolation. At the Windsor of Savoy, it’s a priority to create an inclusive environment that builds connection for retirees. Tailoring activities and events to include every resident fosters community and emotional wellness.

“Our residents see how much they’ve gained by moving into the Windsor that they tell their friends to hurry up and make the move,” said Courtney Mann, Windsor of Savoy Leasing Manager. “Their opportunities for social support and social engagement are endless.”

Independence is important and Windsor residents help plan their activities and create the clubs they belong to.
Because they decide what to take part in, the residents cultivate a much more enjoyable experience.Community members thrive while immersed in these consistent social opportunities. There is a wide range of events and clubs, including a choir, discussion groups, drama clubs, a Wii Bowling team and more. One of the more popular organizations is a knitting club.

1.jpg“Many of the residents, like those in the knitting group, and others find a lot of joy in giving back. They make items to sell in our annual fundraiser which benefits the Alzheimer’s Association, they participate in food drives and sock drives for example, and several residents still continue to volunteer with churches, schools, and food pantries in the community,” said Mann. “You’re never too old to share your talents and passions with others.”

“We started talking and then it came together,” said Lucille Frasca. “I used to donate to the knitting tree at a local hospital, so we started donating to that [as a group], and now to Windsor’s Alzheimer’s fundraiser. We also donate yarn to another knitting group that can’t always afford supplies.”

Groups like the knitting club are also open to residents looking to try a new activity for the first time. Resident Pat Moore became interested in knitting after her daughter shared projects of her own. Although Pat says she is a novice, she enjoys knitting with the group, chatting about their lives and families.

With a 99% resident satisfaction rate, Windsor retirees are happy that they made the move. And many often say they wish they had moved sooner.

Residents also have access to transportation seven days a week. This way they can continue to attend events in town they enjoyed or would like to attend for the first time. Monthly activity calendars also include outside events to encourage spending time in town.

The Champaign community also comes to the Windsor of Savoy to spend time with residents. Students from Saint Matthew Catholic School visit once a week to eat popcorn and play games like dominoes and card games with the residents.

11.jpgThe visitors form bonds with the residents who look forward to these events every week. One resident, Pat Larson, always attends the visits with the students. She recently had a medical procedure which left a noticeable mark on her head.

“I can’t wait for the kids to say, ‘what did you do to your hair, Ms. Pat?’” said Larson. This month, the students also brought Valentine’s Day goodie bags for every resident at the Windsor of Savoy.

Windsor of Savoy continues to host new events and activities, working with their residents to create an enriching community that’s enjoyable and dependable. The best way to learn about what Windsor of Savoy offers is to schedule a visit to see the community firsthand.

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