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Expert schedule juggler applauds healthcare from anywhere

Expert schedule juggler applauds healthcare from anywhere

Mom Amanda Frye enjoying beach time with her daughterAs a busy mom who deals with chronic asthma, Amanda Frye has spent a lot of time in waiting rooms. But the Philo resident recently discovered a way to receive fast, high-quality care from the comfort of her home.

InstaCare. For $49, patients can virtually communicate with physicians anytime, anywhere. Two hundred people signed up for the app, and recent data shows the number of active users is rising. Learn more and download the app by visiting

“InstaCare connects a patient with non-emergency needs to a doctor within a matter of minutes,” said Harry Brockus, CEO of Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center. “We’re still able to interact with our patients, just in a different way.”

Recently, Frye, manager of Carle Direct Transfer Center, experienced a respiratory flare-up she’s typically able to control with a steroid. Her physician didn’t have any quick openings, so she opted for InstaCare rather than convenient care.

InstaCare is staffed with MDLIVE physicians who are board-certified in family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine and pediatrics.

“I liked how I could see the available physicians’ photos, specialties, education and how long they’d been practicing,” Frye said. “Once I selected a doctor, he called me two minutes later. It seemed too good to be true.”

After explaining her symptoms and how she usually treats them, the doctor prescribed Frye’s usual steroid for the flare-up and refills for her asthma medication.

InstaCare user Amanda Frye and her three daughters“The phone call only took a few minutes, and my prescription was ready in a half hour,” Frye said. “InstaCare is most appealing to me because it’s convenient, easy and accurate.

“I don’t have to interrupt my schedule to get the care that I need.”

InstaCare gives patients the option of speaking with a physician by phone or video chat.

“Our doctors change in response to the industry,” Brockus said. “Physicians are helping patients in ways that are quick and convenient for them. InstaCare is especially beneficial for those in rural communities, who may not have easy access to a doctor.”

As for Frye, she will most definitely use InstaCare again.

“With three active young kids, it’s sometimes hard to find time to take care of myself,” Frye said. “InstaCare provides tailored healthcare for my needs whether that be in my car, at my desk at work or on the sidelines of a game.”

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