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Carle experts join country's elite to advance brain surgery training

Carle experts join country's elite to advance brain surgery training

Microsurgery event with Carle, Carle Illinois College of Medicine, elite neurosurgeonsTwenty neurosurgery residents joined Carle and other elite neurosurgeons from around the country Aug. 30-31 for an event to advance brain surgery education. This practical experience allows neurosurgery residents to train for the complex procedures they may one day perform. It better positions them for high-value clinical challenges and delivering successful outcomes.

“This isn’t the same as a simulated brain surgery. The hands-on training with complex cases will be essential for learning how best to provide valuable treatment,” said Mae Vogel, Carle Neuroscience Institute education and academic program coordinator.

Recognized as the largest skull-based course in the Midwest, this event allows Carle to share its neurosurgery advancements, as well as clinical and research opportunities. It also provides a unique training environment. With emphasis on advancing brain surgery instruction for future neurosurgeons, participants focus on developing new skills and expertise needed for these intricate procedures. The event is free, including travel, for the residents and faculty.

Carle neurosurgeon and course director Wael Mostafa, MD, credits the partnership-focused event in the heart of the Midwest with further putting Champaign-Urbana on the map for world-class medical research and clinical practice.

“It’s vital that the next generation of neurosurgeons learns to treat skull base tumors, brain aneurysms and other medical indications that require complex microsurgery,” Dr. Mostafa said.

“The roster of world-renowned experts gives event participants the exposure and practice they’ll need with a host of advanced approaches. Because of relationships developed before I came to Carle, these esteemed colleagues were more than willing to come to Champaign-Urbana.”

Dr. Mostafa knows the next generation aspires to the level of greatness patients and families in incredibly tough medical situations require and deserve.

“This course is truly a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort. While the instruction and laboratory components will take place at Carle and at the College of Medicine laboratory on campus, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology will direct and oversee the state-of-the-art imaging used to guide the teaching activities of the course,” he said.

“We greatly appreciate the Beckman Institute and the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute working with us to make this educational event a reality.”

Dr. Mostafa and his team also praise industry support from a host of organizations. The Carle Illinois Microsurgery and Endoscopic Hands-On Course further establishes Carle as an industry leader in the advancement of clinical and research opportunities.

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