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Latest Carle Health Way to Be! winners show heart, hard work and dedication to patients

Latest Carle Health Way to Be! winners show heart, hard work and dedication to patients
Helping a coworker identify a health concern and find a solution, supporting a colleague struggling with data and working to deliver much-needed equipment.

These are three examples from the six most recent quarterly Way to Be! winners.

“We have exceptional talent at Carle Health across the organization – people who are doing amazing things for Carle Health patients, Health Alliance and FirstCarolinaCare plan members and team members every single day,” Brynn Howard, senior provider recruiter and Reward and Recognition Committee chairperson, said. “This quarter’s Way to Be! winners are shining examples of the Values that guide our care.”

“These individuals contribute to awesome teams,” Howard said. “Strong teamwork makes Carle Health a special place to work.”

Way to Be! is the Carle Health peer-to-peer program that recognizes team members across the enterprise who live the Carle Health Values of Excellence, Integrity, Inclusivity, Compassion and Accountability. These Values are foundational to the Carle Health culture that puts patients first to create the best environment to give and receive care.

Team members may nominate colleagues or a leader at any time. Each quarter, the Reward and Recognition Committee reviews nominations for each Value and selects a winner for each category. From those winners, one nominee for each Value is selected as a finalist for the Annual Way to Be!

Each year, all Carle Health team members are eligible to vote for the previous year’s Way to Be! winner.

The latest quarterly Way to Be! winners, and a summary of their colleagues’ nomination letters, follow:


Kristin Williford, patient care manager, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Champaign

Williford detected a health and safety concern of a team member. She worked with the team member to secure healthcare. She continued to support the team member and advocate for them, ensuring the team member was supported and provided available resources.


Michelle Elam, talent management and organizational development consultant, Carle Health Methodist Hospital Human Resources, Peoria

Elam is positive and encouraging, helping teammates and smiling even during challenging times.  Recently, a colleague was struggling with running some data. Even though Elam was preparing for a large annual event, she put aside that work to spend two hours helping her teammate successfully complete her project and meet the deadline.


Marc Shoukry, courier, Carle Foundation Hospital Courier Service, Urbana

Shoukry delivered a Carle BroMenn Medical Center Pathology lab cooler that was not on his regular route. This added time to Shoukry’s route but sped up care for patients.


Vincent Chau, clinical pharmacist, Carle BroMenn Medical Center Central Pharmacy, Normal

A medication for outpatient infusion requires a long time to dilute, meaning a patient waited for their medication. Chau called to personally apologize to the patient and offer to buy their lunch. Chau’s kindness is an excellent example of a team member providing service recovery and ensuring that Carle makes things right for the patient, even when it isn’t the team member’s fault.


Emily Elam, patient services representative, Mattis Psychiatry, Champaign

Elam goes above and beyond and does so with a warm and friendly attitude. Recently, another patient services representative noticed the number of consults on a counselor’s schedule and the wait times for patients to get back for therapy after their initial consult. Elam shared her concern with other team members. The team worked together to remedy the situation so the counselor’s patients wouldn’t have long wait times.


Michelle Dalton, patient services representative, Monticello Clinic, Carle Monticello

The Monticello Clinic had a Doctors Day luncheon. Physicians’ families come from India, Pakistan and Korea. Dalton made a dish that was representative of each of their cultures and provided a meal for the team to share.

Each and every team member at Carle Health makes us better and stronger to better care for patients and our communities. From clinical to professional and technical careers, our team changes lives. Interested in a career at Carle? Click here.

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