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Latest Way to Be! winners illustrate why Carle Health is great place to receive care

Latest Way to Be! winners illustrate why Carle Health is great place to receive care
The smallest acts have the potential to affect Carle Health patients and members in significant ways. The most recent Carle Health Way to Be! winners model the importance of every interaction and the impact team members make every day while living Carle Values.

“Carle Health is filled with amazing teams who put our patients and our plan members first,” Theresa Green, executive director, Carle Experience, said. “Our patients and members trust us to deliver excellent care and services. That trust is a direct result of the extraordinary things our team members do each day for each other and those we serve.”

“Whether it’s working with a patient to help set up their cellphone or arranging for medical care for a couple, even though they weren’t Carle patients, our team members consistently illustrate the organization’s Values of Accountability, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusivity and Integrity,” Green said.

“Our six, latest Way to Be! winners illustrate the Values that keep us focused on our patients.”

Way to Be! is the Carle Health peer-to-peer program that recognizes team members across the enterprise who live the Carle Health Values. These Values are foundational to the Carle Health culture that puts patients and members first to create the best environment to give and receive world-class care. Quarterly winners are chosen by the Carle Health Reward and Recognition Committee.

Read more about the most recent Way to Be! winners and their nominations:


Ellen Tuzil, manager, lab phlebotomy and specimen processing, Carle Health Methodist Hospital Laboratory, Peoria

Tuzil has implemented and emphasized the importance of hardwiring AIDET with her teams. AIDET – which stands for acknowledge, introduce, duration, explanation and thank you – is a Carle Health-endorsed communication approach that creates positive interactions. Tuzil models the behavior that she expects from her team and has incorporated AIDET into team discussions, meetings and onboarding, so her team members understand the importance of every interaction and the impact it has on Carle patients.


Jeannie Lee, RN, outpatient care coordinator, Carle Urbana on Windsor, Urbana

Lee identified that a patient had missed several outreach calls from Carle Health providers and was not making appointments to manage his chronic diseases. Lee set an appointment with the patient and found that he accidentally shut off his cellphone ringer and didn’t know how to set up voicemail. She set up voicemail, talked with him about the importance of taking calls and stayed with him until he got on a bus to go home. She followed up the next week and helped him to make appointments with Carle providers.


Courtni Beck, CMA/RMA (certified medical assistant/registered medical assistant) Carle Eureka Clinic, Eureka

Late one day, Beck took a call from Carle Eureka Hospital, transferring a patient to the office. Beck soon discovered that the person was not a patient of the office. Instead of transferring the person back to the hospital, she got additional information and found that the caller’s wife had been in bed for three days and couldn’t get up and the caller appeared confused. Beck called 911 on behalf of the caller, told him to watch for the ambulance and alerted emergency medical services.


Matthew Storm, financial analyst, Behavioral Health Administration, Carle Trillium Place, Peoria

Storm was assigned as the Patient Experience Resource department finance accountant two years ago. He has taken time to learn about the department and its grants and ensures that the department’s finances are handled appropriately and in a timely manner. Storm performs all this work with a calm demeanor.


Tanya Hamel, community, broker and partner liaison, Community Outreach, Health Alliance, Wenatchee, WA

Health Alliance Community Outreach liaisons work remotely throughout a broad geographic area. They effectively use Teams to share professional ideas, challenges, inspiring moments and successes, as well as personal experiences, stories and moments. This has helped to build comradeship. Hamel has been a leader in this effort, taking time to acknowledge and support each of the Community Outreach liaisons equally, recognizing that each team member is valuable and contributes in their own way. They know they are not alone.


Claire McCombs, patient services representative, Carle BroMenn Pulmonology, Normal

A patient was late for an appointment and didn’t have the information needed. McCombs remained understanding, respectful, kind and courteous, even when the patient became combative and argumentative. McCombs honored Carle Health policies while remaining compassionate and respectful toward the patient.

Each team member at Carle Health makes us stronger to better care for patients and our communities. From clinical to professional to technical careers, our team changes lives. Interested in a career at Carle? Click here.

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