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Latest Way to Be! winners have the backs of their team members

Latest Way to Be! winners have the backs of their team members
At Carle Health, team members are there for each other so we can be there for our patients.

Carle Health team members know the importance of modeling the organization’s Values when working with our patients and health plan members to provide world-class care and service. Our most recent quarterly Way to Be! winners exemplify how being there for team members can make a big difference in their lives and the experiences of patients and health plan members.

“At Carle Health, our team members strive to put our patients and plan members first,” Dana Meek, Carle Experience manager, said. “Our latest Way to Be! winners support their Carle Health colleagues every day. When we take care of those we work with, it makes it easier to provide a better experience for our patients and plan members.”

Way to Be! is the Carle Health peer-to-peer program that recognizes team members across the enterprise who live the Carle Health Values of Accountability, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusivity and Integrity. These Values are foundational to the Carle Health culture. Quarterly winners are chosen by the Carle Health Reward and Recognition Committee.

Here are the most recent Way to Be! winners and the stories that made them stand out:


Kim Parrish, manager, MyHR Help Desk, Carle at The Fields, Champaign

Parrish leads the MyHR Help Desk team, which fields all kinds of questions from team members. She always considers what’s best for team members, provides feedback to her team and flags information that should be shared with the Carle Health community. One example of her advocacy was pushing last fall for more options for people who work at home so they could feel included in Turkey Toss. Turkey Toss is an annual team member appreciation event in which team members can donate their holiday gift to local hunger relief organizations.


Carey Ferguson, regional mechanic, Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana

A co-worker of Ferguson was seen at a Carle Health facility in Champaign, where it was determined he had an urgent medical problem that required further evaluation and treatment. The co-worker decided to have that done in Chicago, and Carle staff scheduled the appointment that day. The co-worker couldn’t drive himself to Chicago, so Ferguson volunteered to drive him. When surgery was scheduled for the next day, Ferguson took the co-worker to a nearby hotel as Ferguson spent the night with family, then picked up his co-worker the next day and drove him to the hospital.


Trent Liebmann, security officer, Carle BroMenn Medical Center, Normal

Liebmann witnessed, on closed circuit television, a person who appeared to be impaired get behind the wheel of a vehicle on Carle BroMenn property. Liebmann observed the driver struggle to back out of his parking space, then hit a parked vehicle twice. Liebmann dispatched another officer, who observed the driver neglect a stop sign, nearly colliding with a security vehicle. Liebmann secured the scene until Normal police arrived. Had the impaired driver not been intercepted, lives would have been in danger.


Samantha Bales, buyer, Carle on Fieldstone, Champaign

Bales helped a department that experienced turnover, which had led to difficulty making purchases. She helped the department staff navigate ordering systems, provided screenshots and tip sheets and found lower costs for items they ordered. Bales answered questions quickly and with a positive attitude and supported the department during their transition.


Roslyn Cox, SIS (Senior Information Services) caseworker, CRIS Healthy Aging, Danville

Cox worked with a client who mentioned health difficulties. Cox made a call on behalf of the client. As a result, it was discovered that the client was in need because of a drug interaction. The medications were adjusted. Recognition of the interaction and the subsequent adjustment happened quickly because of Cox’s intervention.


Irma Tomasdeguerrero, food service worker retail, Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana

Tomasdeguerrero speaks to customers in Spanish and English, making space for Spanish to be spoken. That means a lot to visitors, volunteers and team members whose first language is Spanish. She illustrates Carle Health embracing all cultures and she does so with a smile.

Each team member at Carle Health makes us stronger to better care for patients and our communities. From clinical to professional to technical careers, our team changes lives. Interested in a career at Carle? Click here.

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