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Pinnacle Award winners demonstrate daily excellence and commitment to patients at Carle Health

Pinnacle Award winners demonstrate daily excellence and commitment to patients at Carle Health
Making sure patients’ health records are up to date, reducing hazardous waste and responding quickly at critical moments to save lives are examples of daily excellence at Carle Health.

It’s with the dedication of Carle team members that health outcomes improve for the people we serve. Carle Health honors those who show an extraordinary dedication to excellence with the 2024 Pinnacle Award of Excellence winners.

The Pinnacle Award of Excellence is the Carle Health program that annually recognizes team members who ensure their colleagues and patients have a world-class experience every time they interact with the organization.

“The Pinnacle Award honors team members in clinical, business or supportive roles who demonstrate excellence every day and is one of the highest honors for recognizing a team member,” Theresa Green, MSN, Carle Experience executive director, said. Each winner is nominated by a peer or leader and then selected by the Reward and Recognition Committee because they demonstrate excellence in their daily work, serve as outstanding mentors to their peers, commit to learning through professional development, engage with their teams and the organization to offer solutions and demonstrate Carle Health Values.

During the evening of June 20, seven Carle Health team members from throughout the system were honored with a Pinnacle Award of Excellence during the organization’s annual awards ceremony.

The 2024 Carle Health Pinnacle Award of Excellence winners are:
  • Lisa Black, lead executive assistant, Carle Health system.
  • Christopher Breymeyer, CMO/RMA – Endo, Carle Champaign on Curtis, Champaign.
  • Megan Caldera, clinical staff pharmacist, Carle Health Methodist Hospital, Peoria.
  • Drew Holdren, Environmental Services manager, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney.
  • Tyisha Jones, Human Resources workforce development specialist, Carle Health system.
  • Karla Shaffer, Revenue Cycle system trainer, Carle Health system.
  • Heather Stoner, unit secretary/medical assistant, Carle BroMenn Medical Group Wound Care Center, Normal.
Here’s more information about the 2024 honorees and their impact on the organization and community:

Lisa Black understands details while considering the big picture as she’s working on projects. She works to improve processes, brings clarity to complex system challenges, asks questions, listens to others and makes presenters at monthly Carle Health Town Halls feel welcome.

Christopher Breymeyer answers many team member questions, trains new CMAs, responds to codes, improves workflows, boosts morale with his sense of humor and forms strong bonds with his patients.

Megan Caldera worked, after the Greater Peoria service area joined Carle Health, to convert the pharmacy from UPH Epic to Carle Epic, Carle Health’s unified health record system. She built new order sets in Epic and continues to work to make ordering simplified, accurate and safe.

Drew Holdren worked, with other leaders at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, on a successful hazardous waste reduction strategy. He is working on a C-diff reduction project, welcomes new employees and helps patients feel comfortable.

Tyisha Jones works daily with team members to identify external barriers that could negatively impact their employment and does so with compassion and empathy. During 2023, she worked with 700 team members. She also completed the Emerging Leaders Program.

Karla Shaffer understands the importance of fostering strong relationships within the team and works to build trust, camaraderie, communication and collaboration among co-workers. Whether a teammate has questions, is struggling with a project deadline or has a personal challenge, Shaffer provides support and encouragement.

Heather Stoner created a modified scheduling system and daily Teams’ discussions which provide the latest news to the team on patient care issues and incoming calls. This has improved office efficiency and patient access. Patient satisfaction surveys consistently mention Stoner as a true gem.

“Congratulations to all the winners,” Carle Health CEO and President James Leonard, MD, said. “And thank you to each team member who ensures that Carle Health remains the trusted healthcare partner to all we serve.”

For more information about careers at Carle Health, click here.

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