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Windsor of Savoy provides a community that cares for the physical and emotional needs of residents

Windsor of Savoy provides a community that cares for the physical and emotional needs of residents
Many seniors 65 or older live on their own or with an elderly spouse or partner. The wintertime can be especially hard on these community members, and it can be lonely during the holidays.

“Social isolation is the biggest challenge as weather and illness hinder getting together,” Courtney Mann, Windsor of Savoy leasing manager, said. “Social isolation can lead to challenges with both physical and emotional health.”

Winter can also create environmental challenges for seniors living on their own. “Weather-related challenges can include snow and ice removal, home and auto maintenance and transportation issues with getting to the grocery store or medical appointments.”

The Windsor community bridges the gap between care and companionship. Carle Health operates the community as it has for 34 years. This provides stability for residents and services available to them all year round.

Windsor offers three different housing options designed to meet the specific needs of the residents:

-Independent Living is for those who would like to set aside cooking, cleaning and home and yard maintenance.

-Assisted Living offers additional help with medication management, mobility support and more. This housing also provides 24/7 access to caregivers and nurses.

-Memory Care is for residents with a diagnosis of cognitive impairments or dementia. Memory care offers tailored activities with a high level of care.

 “The staff knows everyone’s name," said Mann. "But more than that – they know their families, they know their stories, and they remember their preferences. The servers know their drink orders. The housekeepers know how everyone likes to have their beds made.”

The holidays and accompanying winter weather can also lead to a decline in mental health. Activities and events at Windsor promote emotional wellness for residents.

 “I’ve seen residents thrive once they have access to these social opportunities,” Mann said. “And their families see it, too.”

Residents have access to transportation seven days a week for engagements in the community or visits to doctors. In-house amenities for residents include a library, convenient store, prescription pick-up, salon, fitness center, mail center and more.

“As I described our community to a group of second-graders, one of them proclaimed ‘WOAH! It’s like a whole town!’ And he’s not wrong – that’s exactly what we offer,” said Mann.

The residents also help plan their activities during the holidays and beyond. Unique to Windsor are the choir singers who have performed at events and competitions. Residents also created a Wii bowling team, competing in national senior leagues. Residents take part in leading a writing and book club and reader’s theater drama club. “They decide what activities they want to take part in,” Mann said.

“There’s something special with having them decide what they want to do that you don’t get with a round of bingo.”

The pandemic was a challenge for Windsor and a disruption to their community.

“Early on, we were very focused on how to keep our residents happy and engaged during periods of isolation,” said Mann. “We were getting creative with socially distanced activities and helping residents use technologies new to them to engage with their families.”

By working with Carle Health to create a safe environment, the team kept residents’ spirits up until they could gather in-person again.

“We continue to focus on sanitation, and we are testing weekly,” Mann said. “We are also in constant contact with Carle Infection Prevention and other experts to ensure we’re keeping up with the latest recommendations.”

The residents also become an integral part of the Savoy community. “We have a family who always come to set up the snow village, and we have church members who come caroling. It’s special to our residents and families in the community,” Mann said.

This time of year can be difficult for seniors. Windsor of Savoy meets the needs of all residents as a premiere retirement community.

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