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Trillium Place marks five years of behavioral health and addiction recovery services

Trillium Place marks five years of behavioral health and addiction recovery services

April 15, 2024, marks five years since the formation of a new behavioral health organization now known as Trillium Place, an affiliate of Carle Health.

In 2019, three behavioral health providers – Human Service Center, Tazwood Mental Health Center, Inc. and the behavioral health and addiction services at Methodist Hospital and Proctor Hospital – joined to form one comprehensive organization.

As one team with decades of experience, the new organization sought to become a national model of care by improving access to services and patient outcomes and enhancing care delivery.

“According to a recent United Way Community Assessment, mental health concerns and access to healthcare were reported as two of the top issues impacting overall health and well-being,” Derrick Booth, executive director of community services at Trillium Place, said.

Trillium Place is now the largest provider of mental health and addiction recovery services in central Illinois. Together with Carle Health, it offers a wide range of services, including inpatient, residential, outpatient, psychiatric and crisis care.

With locations in Peoria, Pekin, East Peoria, Lincoln and Eureka, services are available for all ages, from children and teens to adults and seniors.

“A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, addiction specialists, nurses, counselors, social workers and other certified professionals guides these services,” Booth said.

Over the past five years, Trillium Place has made a lasting impact while carrying out its mission and vision.

“Our team has focused on building an integrated approach to services to assist with the engagement in services and overall improved care coordination,” Mary Sparks Thompson, president of Trillium Place, said.

The team at Trillium Place has developed new ways to reach individuals in need of services and provide the right type of care at the right time, which has created a larger service footprint and redefined processes.

“This integrated approach has aided our team in increasing access in many of our programs,” Booth said.

Across its locations, Trillium Place serves thousands of individuals each year with a primary goal – to provide the best care possible to help change lives.

“We meet daily to review those needs and coordinate care, fully utilizing all our resources to do so,” Thompson said.

On this fifth anniversary milestone, the Trillium Place team is celebrating and reflecting on its many accomplishments that have made a difference in care delivery.

Thompson says she is most proud of how the team works together across all its locations to meet the needs of its clients and patients.

“It’s about doing everything we can to help those we serve to find support, manage their mental health and addiction concerns and lead healthier lives,” Thompson said.

Leaders add in many ways, this great work is just getting started, and more initiatives are in progress to help individuals throughout the community.

“We will continue to find new ways to break down barriers to access services and meet our communities’ needs – by adding programs and expanding knowledge for behavioral health and addiction recovery treatment approaches to create a national model for healthcare delivery,” Thompson said.

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