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Carle Emergency Medical Services celebrate their impact and legacy

Carle Emergency Medical Services celebrate their impact and legacy
Emergency service members celebrate EMS Week from May 19 through May 25 in the United States. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of this week, celebrating those who care for patients most in need of emergency services.

This year’s theme is “Honoring Our Past. Forging Our Future.” This theme honors the efforts to make EMS more effective in preventing and responding to emergency situations.

Since 1963, Carle Arrow Ambulance have carried on these efforts across central Illinois and Indiana. This team is comprised of paramedics, emergency medical technicians and dispatchers.

“Our first responders, Arrow and AirLife agencies are vital to ensuring lifesaving and life changing care is readily available to our communities,” said Allen Rinehart, Vice President, CFH Inpatient Operations. “The Carle Regional EMS and our EMS Medical Directors also deserve recognition for their tireless pursuit of improving our team’s knowledge and skill in meeting patient needs. Thank you to our team for the great work and outcomes that Arrow and AirLife have achieved over many years.”

“EMS week holds deep significance for me after nearly 35 years of service in the field of Emergency Medical Services,” said Paramedic Dale Grimm, Arrow IT and Systems Specialist. “It's a time to reflect on the countless lives EMS providers touch, the challenges we have overcome, and the bonds we form with our colleagues. It's a reminder of the vital role EMS plays in our communities and the importance of continuous learning and improvement in our field.”

Arrow Ambulance operates in Champaign, Douglass, Richland and Vermilion counties. The organization also provides educational resources to prevent emergencies and pre-arrival instructions through dispatch. Carle Regional EMS (CREMS) also work to save lives and support their communities in Peoria County and McLean County.

CREMS supports agencies in ten different counties. These agencies range from full time fire departments, rural volunteer fire departments, fixed university facilities, SWAT and EOD teams, ALS ambulance agencies, as well as AirLife critical care flight services.

“Being part of Arrow has not just been a job but is like being part of a family who cares for one another and their community and is willing to put forth their best effort to improve the lives of others,” said Josiah Umfleet, EMT. “Working here has shown me that Arrow strives to provide the best possible care, by ensuring that EMS workers have the proper equipment and resources necessary for their work. I am excited to be a part of Arrow and to see how this organization continues to grow throughout my career.”

“EMS week also serves as a celebration of our resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to serving others, even in the face of adversity,” said Grimm. “We embody the Carle Health Mission of being a trusted partner in healthcare. We are a key component in the Vision of Carle Health to being highly accessible and providing world-class care and services.”

The year’s theme also honors former EMS team members as well as continuing advancements in the field for the next generation. One EMT member Arrow will honor for his 48 years of service is Donald L. Dodson. Dodson, Arrow EMS, who died in the line of duty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Don was a great paramedic and had a larger-than-life personality. In his many years of EMS, he touched the lives of countless patients. He taught several generations of new EMS professionals and led by example the principles of service to others, compassion and excellence in his care.” said Derek Shreves, lead paramedic. “The impact of such a long and storied career is difficult to measure, but he left a mark that will shine for years to come.”

Also celebrating a significant impact on the community is AirLife. These helicopters transport critically ill or injured patients and provide specialized care. 2024 marks twenty-one years pf a partnership between AirLife and Carle Health. Acting as a flying emergency room, the AirLife team cares for thousands of patients across central Illinois and Indiana.

This connection to the community is important to both AirLife and Arrow Ambulance teams. Many members attend events supporting educational and wellness efforts that keep communities safe.

“The collaboration between Arrow and AirLife, local agencies and our communities make us trusted partners in emergency services,” said Jason Hayes, Interim Director, Arrow Ambulance, AirLife. “These partnerships connect us to the region as we provide lifesaving, compassionate care throughout our system.”
Carle Health EMS continues to advance emergency care, building on the work of past emergency responders.

“I would say that Arrow impacts the community in a lot of ways," said Lukas Hoshauer, EMT. "It gives the people of the community a relief in a way knowing that there are people out there willing to come to help someone that needs help."

The dedication of Carle EMS raises the bar for emergency care services, paving the way for the next generation of professionals.

“Our team members do everything in their power to make that patient or someone’s family member better. They are devoted to the job and come to work every day willing to give it everything they have, doing anything that needs to be done for the patient to make them better,” said Hoshauer. “And most importantly, they do everything they can to make the people of the community feel safe and well taken care when they have to call for help.”

To learn more about Arrow Ambulance, AirLife or Carle EMS career opportunities, visit

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