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Carle Mobile Health Clinic expands access in Champaign-Urbana

Carle Mobile Health Clinic expands access in Champaign-Urbana

After more than 35 years as a Carle pediatrician, Malcom Hill, MD, understands people’s healthcare needs are ever changing. When likeminded colleagues identified barriers keeping some from getting consistent healthcare, they set out to provide a solution.

“Many people find it difficult to come to Carle from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to receive the care they need. They may be working two jobs or have transportation issues or just have a chaotic life,” Dr. Hill said. “Now we can bring care to neighborhoods with services on a mobile clinic.”

This solution is now a reality. The Carle Mobile Health Clinic begins serving clients in Champaign-Urbana neighborhoods in July.

The Carle Mobile Health Clinic will see patients in neighborhoods that have the least access to healthcare, though anyone in need of care is invited. Dr. Hill – plus a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, social workers and more – will staff Mobile Health Clinic sessions. They will see clients on a first-come, first-serve basis unless more-critical needs arise.

Carle and Health Alliance employees and physicians, the 2017 Carle Golf Open and other donors helped make the important community healthcare vehicle happen.

“Launching the Carle Mobile Health Clinic is the next step in our Community Health Initiative to bring care to more people in need in east central Illinois,” said Lynn Ullestad, MHA, director of Critical Care Transport Program and Mobile Health Services. “We know thousands of community members and families do not have the ability to get to a care provider on a regular basis.

“With these underserved areas in mind, the Carle Mobile Health Clinic bridges that gap in the care continuum.”

Mobile Health Clinic services include:

  • Links to primary care and other community resources
  • Chronic-condition screening and education
  • Treatment of acute illness
  • Basic wellness care and assessments
  • School/preschool physicals and immunizations
  • Basic lab testing

Clinic operators will also help identify and address the root causes of healthcare issues and provide referrals and applications for social services.

“I’ve worked for many years in the clinic setting, which has really been wonderful, but I have not been able to help a whole group of people in our community because they can’t get to my office,” Dr. Hill said. “Bringing care to their neighborhood and being in the homes is critical as we work to become their partner in their healthcare journey. The Mobile Health Clinic goes beyond simply providing acute care and screenings.

“We know to make a real difference we need to address the chronic issues in our community members’ lives to improve their health.”

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