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Richland Audiology team helps Pride family smile from ear to ear

Richland Audiology team helps Pride family smile from ear to ear

Marion Pride and her son David Pride. Hearing health contributes to our overall well-being, brain health and healthy aging.  Because of the skilled and caring staff at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, David Pride and his family can hear clearly now.

“Carle has done their homework on the types of hearing aids they supply, and we wanted the best we could get. We feel that’s what Carle Richland gave us,” said Pride who lives in Paris, IL.

Carle Richland recently expanded hearing services to support patients in and around Olney. Patients can get valuable hearing screenings with a referral, now at the clinic in Newton and Bridgeport.

“Many patients do not realize the effects that loud noise can have on our hearing. Everyone should have a baseline hearing test by the age of 50,” said Pamela Curtis, AuD.

Curtis and Carle Richland Audiology Department impacted the Prides’ lives for the better. The team did even more than partner with the Pride family to diagnose and treat their hearing loss and conditions of the ear.

“We found out Carle Richland had a financial assistance program, so we met with Pam Curtis, and she did hearing exams for not only my mother but for me and my wife,” Pride said.

Through the Carle Richland Financial Assistance Program (CFAP), Pride’s mother received 100 percent financial assistance for her new hearing aids.

Carle believes costs should not prevent anyone from receiving the care they need. You could receive free or discounted care. To find out more, please call Patient Financial Services at (888) 712-2753

“For most of us hearing does decline as we age and can impact our ability to communicate effectively with family, friends or coworkers. A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the first step in identifying existing hearing loss and various treatments available,” Curtis said.

Carle experts conduct comprehensive hearing exams in a sound suite, making the tests more thorough than what hearing aid retailers provide. Plus, it helps them analyze and fine tune patients’ hearing aids so they work the way patients need them to.

From cochlear implants to the latest hearing technology, Carle offers comprehensive services that work to restore hearing and enhance communication. Certified by the American Speech Language Association, Curtis hold master’s and doctorate degree in hearing sciences.

She knows how far-reaching hearing challenges can be.

“If you can’t hear, you can’t be social. Hearing well can mean patients can communicate and also have more success managing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure,” Curtis said.

Pride added, “It’s not just about the hearing aids. It’s Pam Curtis herself. We adore her. She takes care of us whether it be a follow up, adjusting the hearing aids or even replacing an actual hearing aid. She took care of all of that for us.”

For more information about hearing aids and related services, talk with your primary care provider or call (618) 395-6026.

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