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Burgin family glad for local swing bed care offerings

Burgin family glad for local swing bed care offerings

When Gary Burgin of Olney came to Carle Richland Memorial Hospital (CRMH) by ambulance for a urinary tract infection in early June, he, nor his wife, realized he would need continuous care for more than three weeks following his trip to the emergency room.

“Once we got here, we realized that it was more serious than just a common (urinary tract infection) UTI,” Kay Burgin, Gary’s wife, said. “He was full of infection and ended up needing surgery to remove kidney stones.”

After a few days in the hospital, it was time for Gary to be released, but he and Kay needed some extra time and support.

“I knew I couldn’t take care of him at home and I didn’t want him to be transferred somewhere else. He was so weak and still needed so much help doing basic tasks and was in need of physical and occupational therapy. All this complicated by the fact he only has one leg, I was just beside myself wondering how I was going to care for him,” Kay said.

Swing Bed Unit coordinator, Megan Middlecoat, RN, stepped in with a solution – a swing-bed stay. 

The Swing Bed Unit serves Medicare patients needing some extra help recovering from a surgery or an extended illness. Swing bed patients have access to nursing care, therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as well as regular doctor visits. 

“I was so relieved. I knew that was the best option for Gary and myself and having this service right here at our local hospital was just a life-saver for us,” she said.

Gary ended up spending 23 days on the Swing Bed Unit at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital. He gained back the strength he needed to go home thanks to the nursing staff, physical therapy and occupational therapy services.

When hospital staff discharged Gary, he couldn’t say enough good things about his stay.

“I am so much more confident going home now. I would have never made it without this stay, I would have ended up back in the hospital with a serious fall or other issue if I had tried to go home before I was able,” he said.

For more information on swing bed services, contact (618) 392-1523.

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