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Children have a new, local option for eye health

Children have a new, local option for eye health
The community’s smallest patients now have more access to better eye health thanks to Carle Ophthalmology.New-kids-eye-doc.png

Carle is excited to welcome Saba Alniemi, MD, Pediatric Ophthalmology, to the community. Dr. Alniemi will begin seeing patients Nov. 11 and brings an extensive resume of experience and training to the community.

“Until now, many patients seeking out pediatric ophthalmology care found themselves traveling to cities like Peoria, Chicago or St. Louis,” Michael Tsipursky, MD, Ophthalmology, said. “With Dr. Alniemi joining our team, these children and their families can now receive that same level of subspecialized care right in their own back yard.”

Children can face many eye health conditions including strabismus (cross eyes), astigmatism, pediatric cataracts, glaucoma and more. Trauma caused by sport or recreational accidents can also cause significant damage to children’s eyes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 6.8% of children younger than 18 years in the United States have a diagnosed eye and vision condition.

Dr. Tsipursky encourages parents to make sure their children are receiving annual eye health exams and consult providers such as Dr. Alniemi for any concerns they have about their children’s eye needs. Finding and treating issues early is crucial to making sure your child’s vision develops properly as they age.

“It’s so important to be attentive to any physical changes to your child’s eye as well as changes in vision,” Dr. Tsipursky said. “We have a great team of optometrists, ophthalmologists and even a trained pediatric optometrist at Carle Eye Department, but Dr. Alneimi adds a level of expertise in pediatric ophthalmology that can provide unprecedented level of care for complicated pediatric eye conditions. That’s why having Dr. Alniemi is such an exciting addition to Carle and the community.”

Dr. Alniemi is now accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment or for more information, visit or call (217) 902-3937.

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