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Carle Health Clinicians Urge Community to Stay Up to Date on Vaccines

Carle Health Clinicians Urge Community to Stay Up to Date on Vaccines
As the community braces for another fall and winter season, it may be hard to predict the intensity viral infections will bring to the area but it’s clear that staying up to date with vaccines is the best way to reduce the likelihood of getting ill. Carle Health clinicians and experts continue to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendation for those who are eligible to receive all approved vaccines to lessen the chances and severity of illness – in some cases offering complete protection.  
“There are many viruses that have similar symptoms but do have specific ways to be prevented,” said Robert Healy, MD, Carle Health Quality, Patient Safety and Experience associate chief medical officer. “Getting the flu and COVID-19 vaccine and RSV monoclonal antibody for infants are a safe and effective way to not only reduce your chances of getting sick but help to lower the amount of illness in the community.”
Carle Health facilities across the system are now scheduling appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine in primary care areas and nurse visits. To provide a streamlined approach and complement availability throughout the community, Carle Health will only offer the CDC recommended Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
In September the Food and Drug Administration approved both the Pfizer and Moderna reformulation of the vaccine, which the CDC then gave its full recommendation. The COVID-19, RSV and influenza (flu) viruses continue to be leading in the most spread illnesses during the colder months when there are more indoor, congregant interactions. There are now readily available vaccines to combat this impact and offer increased protection to community members at healthcare systems and retail stores.
“We continue to see a substantial improvement in health outcomes from our pediatric patients who stay on top of receiving their vaccines. It’s especially important to manage these illnesses in formative years, getting immunized offers a safe way to help children stay well.” Brent Reifsteck, MD, Champaign-Urbana Service Area Children’s Services medical director.  
Carle Health will once again host several community flu vaccine clinics beginning Oct. 2 through Nov. 1 at various locations throughout the system. Community members can stay up to date on their vaccine by visiting a drive-thru or by scheduling an appointment.
There has been considerable advancements in RSV prevention as the respiratory virus continues to be a leading cause of illness for infants and those with lower immune systems. Currently, preventions vary by age group and Carle Health will offer the newly FDA approved, preventative RSV monoclonal antibody – Beyfortus (nirsevimab) that is FDA approved and recommended for infant administration when appropriate.
Research continues to confirm that COVID-19 and other vaccines approved by the FDA help to reduce the likelihood of illness and reduce the severity of disease. Staying up to date on approved vaccines is one way community members can do their part to reduce the level of illness in the area. Visit or contact your primary care provider for more information about what treatments they recommend. Carle patients in most areas can schedule an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine through MyCarle.

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