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Contact Us - Greater Peoria Area

We would love to hear from you! Use the form below to send us feedback about your Carle experience.

Please reach out to us in one of the ways listed below if you have questions or would like to provide feedback.

Please do not submit personal medical information, or request medical advice through this form.

For general questions, or to be directed to a certain department at Carle Health Methodist, Proctor or Pekin Hospitals, please contact:

Methodist Hospital (309) 672-5522

Proctor Hospital (309) 691-1000

Pekin Hospital (309) 347-1151

Medical Questions

Patient Advisory Nurse (217) 383-3233 - for personal medical questions (NO medical questions will be answered via email)

Patient Relations

Patient Relations (formerly ActionLine) - Use the form below to send us feedback about your experience at Carle. You can also call Patient Relations at (217) 326-8560 or (855) 665-8252 or email us at to share a compliment, complaint or quality of care concern.

For patients in Peoria, IL or Pekin, IL, please contact our patient advocate team at (309) 672-5529. View Carle's Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Requests for Community Event Support

To receive community event and education support from Carle Health, please complete this Community Event Request form as thoroughly as possible.