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Pathway to Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an important decision to make – and we’re here to help. We recommend taking the following steps when considering surgery:

1. Attend our mandatory informational meeting.
Our free informational meeting will teach prospective patients about bariatric weight loss surgical options, discuss insurance requirements and self-payment options. The informational meeting will include a Q&A session with a bariatric certified nurse and provider. Pre-registration is required, please call 309-672-5975 to register.

2. Verify your insurance requirements.
After attending an informational meeting, call your insurance carrier to verify that you have a bariatric weight loss surgery benefit. During this call, you will also ask what the insurance carrier's requirements are prior to being approved for surgery.

3. Scheduling a consultation appointment with our bariatric surgery team.
During your initial consultation, you will meet with our bariatric surgery team. They will perform a thorough physical, discuss your previous weight loss attempts, current medical conditions, and formulate an individualized bariatric surgery plan.

4. Scheduling additional consultation appointments with a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Specialist.
After your initial consultation with the Bariatric Surgery team you will be referred to a Registered Dietitian & Exercise Specialist. This consultation is required.

5. Scheduling additional consultation appointments with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
This required consultation is with an independent provider of your choice or one that is in your insurance provider network. This fee is your responsibility and in most cases, insurance will cover this visit based on benefits provided in your specific insurance plan. This consult is crucial for insurance approval and most importantly...your overall success!

6. Scheduling additional testing appointments.
Additional testing may be required to ensure your safety for surgery. Appointments with a pulmonologist (i.e. sleep study), cardiologist (i.e. stress test) and/or endocrinologist (i.e. diabetes or thyroid) may be required prior to surgery.

7. Join our In-person or Facebook Support Groups (optional).
Our support groups are for people who have had weight loss surgery or are seriously considering weight loss surgery. Research has shown that people with the most successful weight loss results regularly attend support groups. We want to offer you a place for continued support, education, and friendship with people who have similar experiences with weight loss surgery.

In–Person Support Group
We encourage you to share personal struggles and successes as you feel comfortable. Your sharing may help you find answers and provide valuable information to others that may have a similar issue as you. This group meets the 4th Tuesday of every month from 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. (Not held in December.) at Carle Health Methodist, 900 Main Street, Suite 530, Peoria, IL. Friends and family members, including spouses and/or children, are asked to stay at home. Questions? Please call our office at 309-672-5975

Online Support Group
This group is support by the Carle Bariatric Surgery team in Champaign-Urbana, but you do not need to be a Carle patient to join the group. This online forum offers patients the ability to share stories, seek support, ask questions and gain knowledge in a low-pressure environment. For more information on the Bariatrics Facebook Support Group Page, click here

Surgery dates will be discussed when all medical, surgical, and insurance requirements have been met. Please be aware that from the day of initial consultation to the date of surgery may be a wait of 3 - 6 months. 30 days prior to surgery, you will need to see your Family Physician for preoperative clearance. You will need to appoint a spouse, partner, or family member to be present the day of surgery. Please bring this appointed person to your 2-week Pre-Op appointment.

Awards and Accreditations

MBSAQIP works to advance safe, high-quality care for bariatric surgical patients through the accreditation of bariatric surgical centers. The bariatric surgery program at Carle Health Methodist Hospital has undergone an independent, voluntary, and rigorous peer evaluation in accordance with nationally recognized bariatric surgical standards. Bariatric surgery accreditation not only promotes uniform standard benchmarks, but also supports continuous quality improvement.

    • American College of Surgeons Accredited Center

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.