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What Are the Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Team? 

At the Carle Neuroscience Insitute in Urbana, patient-tailored care is the focus of our multidisciplinary team, we create a treatement plan specifically for you. Patients will be assessed by our team of specialists in one consultation visit. Our experts in all types of brain and spinal cord tumors, including the most complex skull base tumors, meet to thoroughly discuss every case as group. We formulate a customized plan from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. With each physician focused on a different aspect of our patient's health, we can quickly identify areas of need, and subsequently manage those needs in an effective way.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of providers from several clinical specialites;

  •  Neurosurgeons
  •  Otolaryngologists
  •  Radiation oncologists
  •  Medical oncologists
  •  Neuroradiologists
  •  Pathologists
  •  Endocrinologists
  •  Critical care physicians
  •  Advanced nurse practitioners
  •  Neuropsychologists
  •  Rehabilitation specialists
  •  Social workers
  •  Nutritionists
  •  Palliative medicine specialists

Brain, Spinal Cord and Skull Base Treatment Options

Treatment options can include one or more of the following:

  •  Endoscopic transnasal resection of skull base tumors

  •  Real-time fluorescence image-guided tumor resection

  •  Resection of brain tumor near speech cortex and motor areas (using planning with diffusion  tensor imaging, functional MRI)

  •  Awake craniotomy/brain mapping for resection of brain tumors

  •  Delivery of local chemotherapy during resection of malignant brain tumors

  •  Resection of complex brain tumors, including acoustic neuromas

  •  High end technology in radiation treatments including stereotactic radiosurgery and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)

  •  Access to clinical trials

The removal of brain, spine and skull base tumors can be some of the most intricate, complex procedures performed by surgeons. Dr. Wael Mostafa, Neurosurgeon and head of the Carle Brain Tumor Program, explains more in this episode of WEIU PBS Being Well.


Carle Brain Tumor Program at Carle Neuroscience Institute 

Wael Mostafa, MD
Program Lead, Brain Tumors and Skull Base Clinic
Fellowship trained in Neurosurgical Oncology, Cerebrovascular, and Skull Base Surgery
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL

Ryan Johnson, DO
General Neurosurgery
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL 

David Kimball, MD
Fellowship trained in Neurointerventional Radiology
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL

Brian Mason, MD
Fellowship trained in Neurointerventional Radiology
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL

Amrendra Miranpuri, MD
Fellowship trained in Cerebrovascular & Neuro-Interventional Surgery
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL

Saguna Pappu MD, PhD
General Neurosurgery
Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL


Meet Our Team

Patient Educational Resources

The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) is a trusted partner of the Carle Neuroscience Institute in Urbana. The ABTA was the first national advocacy organization committed to funding brain tumor research and providing information and education to patients, caregivers, and their loved ones.

For 50 years, the ABTA has been providing comprehensive resources that support the complex needs of brain tumor patients and caregivers, as well as the critical funding of research in the pursuit of breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnosis, treatment and care.

Additional Resources

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