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Medical Services

Carle Foundation Hospital

Based in Urbana, Ill., the Carle Foundation Hospital is a 413-bed regional care hospital that has achieved Magnet® designation. It is the area's only Level 1 Trauma Center.

611 W. Park St, Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 383-3311

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center is comprised of a 24-bed critical access hospital and medical clinic based in Hoopeston, Illinois.

701 E. Orange St, Hoopeston, IL 60942
(217) 283-5531

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital

Located in Olney, Ill., Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is a 104-bed hospital with nearly 600 employees serving portions of eight counties in southeastern Illinois.

800 E. Locust St, Olney, IL 62450
(618) 395-2131

Convenient Care vs. ED

Carle Convenient Care and Convenient Care Plus offer same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries through walk-in appointments.

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*These locations are Convenient Care Plus locations.


Philanthropy gives hope to patients and helps take health care in our community to a whole new level.

Survivorship Programs

Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic

You were diagnosed with cancer, you underwent treatments and now you've been cancer free for five years or more. You're ready to move into the next phase in your life. But as a cancer survivor, you may be experiencing lingering physical, financial and/or emotional side effects from diagnosis and treatment.

Mills Breast Cancer Institute is proud to offer a Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic, where breast cancer survivors can meet with a team of experts to create an individualized risk adapted plan of care based on your specific cancer type and the treatments you received. This plan will provide a roadmap for wellness checks, psychosocial support and healthy lifestyle changes to help guide you in the years to come.

Our care team - including a nurse practitioner, dietitian and licensed social worker all specializing in cancer care - will:

  • Review your medical records, including your specific cancer type, tumor location and treatments and do a complete physical examination
  • Speak with you regarding any ongoing side effects - physical or emotional - that you may still be experiencing from your cancer and treatment
  • Develop a personalized risk adapted plan of care that:
    • Identifies wellness checks you should be getting and how often
    • Assesses healthy lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of future cancer recurrence and the development of other serious health conditions
    • Outlines social support options for ongoing emotional side effects
    • Provides resources available to assist with any financial issues related to your diagnosis and treatment
  • Place orders for appropriate screenings and tests based on your care plan

Once your individualized care plan has been developed, you can share it with your primary care physician for ongoing follow-ups, or you can continue to see our team for future appointments.

To learn more or to make an appointment, please call (217) 383-3010.

ARISE: Restorative Tips and Techniques After Breast Surgery

Getting back to 100 percent after a breast surgery can seem like a difficult task. Preventable side effects from surgery can hinder your recovery. The experts from Carle Therapy Services are here to share tips and techniques on how you can prevent common side effects from breast surgery, make a full recovery and get back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible after surgery. This class will help you in your recovery by:

  • Teaching you simple exercises that will increase early mobility and improve function after surgery.
  • On-site demonstration of all exercises and handouts for at-home use.
  • Education post-op patients on techniques to avoid lymphedema.
  • Providing encouragement and support in a group setting for your recovery process.

Classes are led by expert therapists specifically skilled in working with patients after breast surgery and are held monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the third floor conference from of Mills Breast Cancer Institute. Patients are encouraged to attend one class prior to surgery and one class post-surgery.

Classes are open to both Carle and non-Carle patients. Call (217) 383-6636 to schedule your classes today.

This class is funded by a generous donation to Carle Center for Philanthropy.

Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Yoga has been practiced for centuries to improve one's physical and emotional health and well-being. Studies have shown that cancer patients and survivors who practice yoga have had improvements in their mood, the physical and psychosocial symptoms associated with their cancer, and their overall quality of life.

The class is open to survivors of any type of cancer at any point in their recovery process. It will incorporate simple yoga poses to gently stretch and strengthen the body and relaxation techniques to calm the mind. Modifications to poses will be made to address individual needs. For participants who may find it difficult to sit on the floor, the poses can be performed sitting in a chair. No yoga experience is necessary and basic equipment is provided (mats, straps, and blocks).

This 10-week course is free. Please wear comfortable clothing. Classes will be led by Amanda Johnson, MSW, RYT, and will be kept small to ensure individual attention.

Amanda Johnson, MSW, RYT
Date & Time
Tuesdays from 6 - 7:30 p.m.; January 6 through March 10
Mills Breast Cancer Institute, third floor conference room
509 W. University Avenue
Urbana, Ill.

Annual Cancer Survivors Day Celebration

This celebration of life provides an opportunity for cancer survivors to connect with other survivors, celebrate milestones, and recognize the healthcare providers, family, and friends who have supported them along the way.